April 27, 2004

What's New :: It's New Look!!!

Previous :: The previous theme, i guess it was just looking ragingly stupid. Blur and empty just like stupid me. Greenish (why green I can't totally recall :P). Well it works fine for me. As that's the best they can offer and I think, it'll work for my blog.

Appreciate :: I reallyx1000000000000 appreciate people who keep visiting my blog... Especially dearest baby, smelly emie and s.h.e.y.n.a (hope i get it right, always misspelled).. i didn't knoe about you hasna but i hope u do, unie, who ever pilot, bus/air plane driver, and who ever I wanted them to do so.. voila, munchkin.. who ever-ever.. (together-gether) join me, jot your says, voice your comments or what ever you can, what every you want.. get yourself jumpin and pumpin.. try to cheer up our life and decorate our days, and shine our nights..

What else is new :: Haha.. thanx again to emie and sheyna.. teaching me something new on what to apply on my stupidly tanning (and getting more) skin.. bought it in guardian Mid Valley (midveli kata emie)..

Coming :: Coming??? Who's coming to KL???????? Hahaha.. just can't wait.. we in KL were doing our best, planning and scheduling programs just for you, from your arrival, lunch with who??? dinner at sheyna's, do your hair-job, and I myself am getting a hair job too, dinner at HRC, mimi's engagement, going to kuantan coming back.. huhu.. it's gonna be a full-blown week.. for me and just everyone..

Hope :: I hope you guys will like the new look. If you're not, your better do.. or if you hate it.. just go on with it.. hate is good for your blood circulation as hate really pumps up your jam.. hehe.. pump it up.. pump it up!!!

************************* ******

The ART :: I don't really think I like the new colors.. but it looks fine, presentable.. the combinations of the colors giving me the feeling of relaxation, tough standing and presentable. But what I'm saying was just crap.. You guys might not have the same say as me..

The state of The ART :: Haha.. look at other website.. look for kewl websites and cioy their color schemes..

PS :: I miss u so much 2nite.. (who who?) Futsal la.. I didn't go futsalling tonite as they cancelled the game. And i have to be on my own game at home..

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