April 9, 2004

50 First Dates :: Awesome and touching...

Afternoon :: Emie asked whether I'm going to Mid Valley or not.. Me not so sure..

5.30 :: Emie nagged, complaining about shayna being childish, asking emie to fetch her from her home and whatever.. Just after emie parked her car, hasna called and we were chatting till shayna called.. I was bluffing her all the way, telling that I'm in the Mines Wonderland and not going for a movie, already watched 50 first dates with emie the day before and she seems to be confused. hahaha.. me gotcha shayna.. and what boiled me was... she's in mid valley.. well.. she got us too..

Dinner :: Went to dinner at KFC. We're having big laughs.. while there are always 1-2 kfc's staff by the side of our table.. for what reason were not sure.. later just before we move to coffee bean, i threw out everything and my tummy's empty again. We sat at the coffee bean till 8.50 and make a move.

Goin to Movie :: We walked to the GSC and me myself met a lot of my freak friends from MMU or from wherever it is ini the world. went in early.. quite empty and we started to watch people as nothing to watch. then the movie started...

The Movie :: It started with every single girl who went to that Island seems to have been sleeping with this guy Henry Roth. Except only when this one fine day, this guy met with a girl who always made a house with her waffle. Adam Sandler as Henry Roth and Drew Barrymore as Lucy. Henry made a good move when he actually pinned a toothpick to the last piece of the waffle to be the door of the house. From there they had a long talk and actually their chemistry was so so kewl and strong they were so happy when they parted off and decide to meet at the same place again tomorrow, for breakfast.

The next Day :: Henry went there again and without having to wait he straight away sat in front of her and suddenly... Lucy screamt! It was a bit havoc and the shop owner pulls henry off the restaurant and told henry that this pity gal is actually having the problem of storing short term memory in her mind. So that's where the movie really started. You know what.. henry was so in love with this gal, he'll make this gal fall in love with him every single day.. that's amazing and touching..

Later :: Go watch yourself.. There are cinemas around and just pick which cinema to park your smelly ass and just watch.. I really recommend this movie..

The ART :: Every single person does have the same effect. Any single mistake done, will have the same effect. Your love will lose bit by bit. And what we all should do is to actually rose the love everyday. Make your loved one love you even more every single day.

State of the ART :: Yeah agree, you must be really love that person if you wanna do this.


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