May 5, 2004

Very Short Weekend :: Best Holiday!! YAY!!!

Thirstday :: It was all started today. The excitement of having Hasna around is something that I can't resist. Everyone of us really can't wait for the 'Weekend'. Fetched her from KLIA the nite before. Did my hair!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

Dinner at Sheyna's :: Yeah. Emie cooked for us. There were me, hasna, sheyna, emie and later on Boy (sheyna's cousin) joined us. I hope I can post the pixs of the meals emie cooked for us, but just wait!! I'll post it later!! As I've been not watchin TV for quite sometimes, I went tarry at 1 o'clock.

Frydae :: I really have to go to the Prayer. Missed twice and this time I just can't miss it. Then everyone was busy calling asking for this and that, while I was keeping myself busy with all the unsettled things in the office. Yeah. We're gonna rock this weekend!!!!!!!!!

Home :: Hahaha.. I went back at 5.30, Hasna and Emie were waiting for me at the saloon near my house. Wah, both with their blown hair. I took them up, packed up my things and shoot ourself in my car to sheyna's.

Here we go :: Guess!!!! I took bath in sheyna's and get myself ready to go out with these three [b]appealing, gorgeous, alluring, inviting and seductive[/b] women. WOW!!! You guys just didn't have any idea how I was holding myself like mad!!! hahaha..

HRC :: Here we are!! hahaha.. I met again with Cici, the Asia Band's singer. Took a LOT of pictures!! I just can't resist it. (I'll paste it here sometimes). Especially with Hasna and Sheyna. Hahaha.. Emie? She deserved to be seduced tonite, and she was just lucky.. hahaha.. Met Fendi, Chili and amazingly Adha!!.. Have not been seeing him for sometimes. Botak also came with his gf and friend. And I met Kak Su as well, my senior during my school time.

Back :: Went out of the HRC at around 3.30 am and sent them all back to sheyna's. I myself get myself back to my home in Taman Desa, on the way there's a road block and there I was stranded for about 45 minutes. Slept from 5.30 to 7.30 (as my actual planning was to wake up at 7 am). Went to my boss's house, took my snapper (the fish that I got when I went fishing yoohoo), and left to sheyna's house to fetch them..

Today is Shatterday..

From Sheyna's :: yeah man.. it's tumme to go. I thought Anis was supposed to be ready at KL Sentral, but later she'll go by herself to seremban. Y seremban? Today, Mimie Jazlina is getting engaged to? Sipa la kan?

Then :: Sent 'em to Mimie's house. Went back home and tarry. I was so tired and sleepy. It's gonna be a long drive to Kuantan from seremban.. Till at 2 something Emie called me telling that the feast has already started. So went there, have my lunch meal, pack food for my bro & sister at home. Sent the food home, pick 'em up, and oh yeah! This time i've to send Anis to Seremban.

The Journey Begins :: 3.40 pm. From Seremban, to Kuala Pilah. The traffic was jammed somewhere before Tanjung Ipoh, so I decided to take the alternative road. We avoided the jam and I remembered Sally's house got the fresh coconut and fresh sugar cane juice. Bought some buns, top up the fuel, via jempol, muadzam, gambang and at around 7.30pm we arrived in MS Garden Hotel, Kuantan. Hmm.. not so bad.. the Berjaya Megamall is just next to the hotel. This will be fun!!

Pattani :: As a person who's not so used to this area, I'll just wait for them to be going anywhere. After bath, we went out to Berjaya Mega Mall. As Emie and Sheyna went upstairs to look for the midnite tickets, I asked Hasna to take the wheels while I went in to get myself the facial cotton and comb. Later we look for a dinner place, at last, we just dropped ourself by the Pattani Restaurant.

Kewl :: You know what? The first food comes in less than 5 minutes after we ordered our food. The guy that was taking food order from did not write anything. He just memorized every single thing. In 20 minutes, we're done with our dinner. As my hair was so fluffy, we decided to get back to the hotel, just for me to wash my hair and later we get back down to Berjaya Megamall for the movie. The movie was not really fun for me (i dun wanna make movie comments here so u better watch it). It was Gila Gila Pengantin Remaja. hahaha.. then we get back and sleep in the hotel.

Sundae :: As usual, i can't really sleep on weekends as I was so used to wake up early and spend the whole day without wasting it. So, I had free breakfast with Emie in the hotel's cafe, brought back some yogurt for Hasna and sheyna. And I guess I was having a good sleep later as my snoring sound was heard, of course.. after a good meal with a stuffed tummy, what do u guys think the best thing to do? Later, we play cards.. Hehe.. Hasna dah pandai la main card sekarang..

Next :: To the wedding...

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