May 6, 2004

Vacation :: Continued....

Getting Up :: and away.. we went down to megamall, as sheyna and hasna were looking for something to freshen up ourselves as it was too hot. We look around for a mamak stall, and we dropped ourself at this one outlet which have the fried ice cream. Tho, it was so oily. I took maggi goreng while shayna maggi sup. Hasna took maggi goreng.. And later, Izhar comes..

Felda?? :: What? Felda? Ouch! Am i gonna drive my car into a Felda? Yeah I know nowadays Felda was not that bad as before but worries were still mingle in my mind. But Izham ensure us, that's not gonna scary. As I was driving, later on, we just found out from the map given, there's gonna be a rally-like road waiting for us infront. And oh yeah, there's a landslide too.. wow! Just imagine a low powered car with load of 5 people on it. Wasn't it be screaming all the way?

At last :: We made it!!! The journey from Kuantan to the place was about 70 km which took us around an hour to be there. When we first see the cement mill, I was like to turn back but luckily there was the wedding signage was being put by the roadside so we're a building up our confidence then. Of course.. being in a place u've never been to and everything seems like unwelcoming. So we had our food.

Long Coconuts :: Have u seen such coconuts? Long shaped coconut like papayas. I was so amazed with it. After getting inside, I went out to take pictures with the coconut. Haaa. later I'll put 'em here..
Drive back :: Then, I drive back to Kuantan.. sent Izhar to his car.. Get back to the Hotel.. and play cards again!!! Who's the winner of all Loser? Sorry to mention but was it you sheyna? or emie? or hasna? I can't remember.. but everyone was trying to get emie loses the game as she was playing too safe (hehe I was too). Sheyna was about to sleep. Well she was just sleeping.. All she likes to do was sleeping.

Dinner :: Yeah.. Izhar is coming with his wife to have dinner with us. This was such a bad exp for me. As it was hard to get a table, it's very hard even to get a waiter to take our orders, and it's even harder when we have to swicth table as it was raining, and it's fucking harder when I have to wait for nearly 2 hours for our food, and the price was too high! It was expensive, and really not worth of waiting and the price. Later, I drove to Teluk Cempedak(TC) and later found out that TC is so so so so so near to our hotel.. So bad that we didn't realize it at first.

At TC :: We took pictures. Later I decided to get a lick on ice cream so me and Hasna went to the McDonald's Ice Cream outlet there to buy the ice cream. But you know what? Sheyna and emie came to me and sheyna told me that someone is throwing rocks over her. hahaha.. not once.. but twice. Badly, the outlet was getting out of ice cream and I've to buy it from the cashier inside. Resting for a while and later we drove back to the hotel and get asleep. Sheyna was in a bad shape as I guess she was a bit headache. Pity her.

Today is Moanday

Morning :: Yeah man!!! It's Moanday again but it's an off day!!! Me as usual wake up early and went downstairs with Hasna this time for the breakfast. Hasna ate alot.. hehe.. me ate a lot too but hasna ate alot more hehehe.. well I'm just happy being beside her.. as long as she is happy with whatever it is. We get upstairs, sleepin.. we packed things up and checked out at 1pm.

Went shopping to Megamall :: For the last time of this trip.. I bought myself 2 shirts for going to work. Had lunch at the Kenny Rogers (hei sheyna remind me to write the complaint letter), and were getting bad service there. At around 3 something, we drive out of Kuantan to KL...

Journey Back :: I can't remember how many times we did stopped to pee, but near to maran, my brake pad was getting too bad then, and I decided to get it changed. Luckily there's a workshop that can do that. Emie was happy as she saw something like a restaurant there.. hehe.. After settling up with the brake pad, we continue again, the traffic was a bit jammed as there's a lot of accident happened. It was all bad until we reach karak and the highway was so clear. In KL, at around 9 something, as Hasna was longing for the Yong Tow Foo, we went there. Sent 'em back to sheyna's and i myself drove back to seremban. Try to fix my sister's notebook, take bath and sleep.

It's touseday :: Wake up early, sent Izzat to the bus station and straight away drive to Melaka. My father is doing check up for himself as he was expected to be having pneumonia, but later checked he wasn't. My bro was getting checked up for his listening problem. Drive back home relax, at nite went out to Bistro, back home, Heri came, lepak for a while and get back to home and sleep. Need to sleep early as I need to wake up early to drive to KL in the morning Next Day


The Vacation Plan :: We've been planning for it since a few weeks back. We were like can't wait for it to come, Hasna to be coming to KL, having fun, dinner, wow.. it's gonna be great!!! Indeed, it was such a joyous moment for me.. and as for Hasna, I hope she could just be strong for whatever happened, there's a reason, but I know u've been a very good human kind, full of love pouring and care towards others.

The ART :: Just do thing u think it's right. We don't really plan for this vacation but during the vacation, we're just do thing we like to do. That's more enjoyable. Do not get yourself stucked to a plan. It was just a plan. In vacation, there's nothing accomplish rather than to relax your mind and if you're in sadness, you might wanna seek for consolation.

State of the ART :: All things done were to get yourself happy. Why? Why do we need to be happy? Beside of just taking care of your health, you should be taking care of your minds as well. You need to relax, see people you love, you care and u think u'll happy to be with when u're depressed. Long term, it's an avoidance of mental problems. Guys out there, who were having mental problems, psychotic, gothic hahaha.. Take some time off.. You need people to be around you..

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