May 18, 2004

Car :: Should I wait for the car I want of just grab any car??

Last nite :: I went out.. had dinner.. watched TV.. starting with 999, and then Ah Ha... went to the cybercafe.. updated the blog (the previous blog was written last nite hehe).. paid RM7 and then went out again to the same place I had dinner and had teh tarik while watching fear factor.. and then went back home and sleep..

Morning :: Wake up late.. went to the office and had breakfast.. just after having breakfast, sheyna (I guess she was somekind sad) telling me that she was trying to call Emie but she didn't pick up.. she had to cancel going to Kertih as she's going back to Kedah as her father was admitted to the hospital.. pity sheyna bucuk... hope everything goes fine then...

Work :: There are so many things to do.. Really concentrate on my job.. did two tasks today.. the Globus and TPS tasks.. the TPS, tasks for 14 days I did for just 2 minutes hehehe...

Let us get to the point now..

I'm looking for an EK 2 doors honda civic.. but it's really hard to get one.. especially the non modified.. i wanted to get a standard one so I can just send it to the workshop and get a new engine and put it in. and later i wanted to do the body job.. paint.. body kits and so on.. but currently only Honda Civic EGs are available..

It's quite hard for me to move around as I don't have any car.. I'm waiting for my cousin to look for tender cars.. as they're much cheaper and even sometimes got valuable things inside.. good player.. big rims.. and so on.. but should wait for that long?

I'm already tired.. What do u guys think about it?

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