May 17, 2004

Cooking Secret :: Masak Lemak Cili Api?? So easy!!!

Shatterday :: Coaching!!!! As usual.. then went to bob's house and consumed Nasik Lemak.. And hehe.. he was trying to cook Ikan Talapia Masak Lemak.. hehe.. No good... Well.. I know there's a lot of people out there wondering how to cook this complex-looking dish but.. just for you guys.. Masak Lemak Cili Api is as easy as ABC !!!!!!

Masak Lemak Cili Api :: Okie.. lemme tell u guys first.. Masak Lemak Cili Api is a speciality of Negeri Sembilan (in short N9), a state on Malaysia.. how to do that? Simple... opss virus.. I've to restart!!!!!!!


That was close :: It was not a sasser. Anybody can remind of the name of the virus that act, just like sasser, it reboots the PC, but a bit l8er.. sasser straight away reboot the PC but this virus reboot a lil bit later than that.. Hahaha it's not sasser.. used to know the name of the virus.. what was it huh? Anybody can help me?


Masak Lemak Cili Api

Ingredients :: Okay the ingredients... a small cut of tumeric, the more the sweeter and tastier, several small chillies.. up to you, how hot do u want it to be, coconut milk, no exact amount, depends on how do u want it to be.. and as for me, my favourites are shrimps or chickens or cow stomach or smoked beef or canned sardine (yeah man.. seriously.. delicious) or crabs. You can cook have fish too, but we normally have non-salt water fished to be cook in Masak Lemak Cili Api... but they need different treatments.. and to people out there.. NO ONIONS.. Onion will neutralise the taste of the tumeric.. no more sweetness then...

Process :: For fishes, u need to clean 'em up.. soak them in the water that mixed with the tamarind. Or just squeeze lime or lemon over it.. and let it be just like that for 10-15 minutes. This is important as fish has this kind of aroma which I think I don't like it.. and believe other people do so.. and when cook in masak lemak cili api, you'll curse me for it.. so the acidic sour taste will remove that bad aroma so it will cook fine then..

More process :: Okay for shrimp, some people might want to keep the head, but cut all the moustaches.. I'll keep the roe.. hehe.. so, for the crabs, it's up to you how do u want it to be cut. for smoked beef or chicken, just leave it like that as I believe no one is cooking the whole chicken without cutting it into pieces.. and beef, sliced 'em thin.. so it will cook tender and juicy.. cow stomach.. yeah.. u need to whiten 'em, soak them in the alkalied water, local people here used the chalk... is it correct.. it's called 'air kapur'.. soak them for sometime, while you can remove the black/green spots on it.. it should be white and clean then... so do not forget to slice them too..

Extra Taste Ingredients :: This is to give more taste to the dish. As for shrimps and crab, I normally used sliced tomatoes. for chicken I use lemongrass cuts. for fishes, we put in the yam's strip. cow stomach we put the bamboo shoot. for smoked beef we use the young bananas.. hahaha... sounds weird and unordinary.. but these are my original Granma's and Mom's cooking... For extra things to eat, this may apply only for chicken and meat, you may put in potatoes slices, but you may have to add in more salts as potatoes does absorb the salt more than the water, as the result of osmosis process.

Start to cook :: Minch or grind both tumerics and small chillies. they should be mixed nicely, the colour should be orange + green. Now put the main ingredients which for today, I'll be using the shrimps. So, put in the shrimps into the cooking bowl, put some water, and put the grinded mixture of tumeric and chillies on top of it. So now boil them with mild heat.. Leave it and u can start slicing your tomatoes. Okay get back to your bowl and the shrimp will be looking a lil bit orange as the result of they are already cooked.

Coconut Milk? :: Yeah.. I've not forgotten.. Now you can pour the coconut milk.. and add some water, as to keep it light. Remember, coconut Milk and Shrimp are high in cholestrol so be smart on how to control your food consumption. Stir lightly.. so the mixture will mix evenly.. Once the dish is nicely boiled, with the bubble from the bottom is coming up, slow the gas, and put in salts. Always put the salt based on your on taste. How much or less, based on how do you wanit it to be.. Too much salt will spoil it. Less salt is good, for your healt as well.. Put salt bit by bit.. put 'em in.. stir and taste.. if less and put them a lil bit more in.. and taste.. till u got the taste u desired for... once you've done with the salt.. so now put int the tomatoes..

Potatoes :: No I don't use potatoes now.. but in case u're doing it with the beef or chicken, put them in together when you poured in the coconut milk. Salt should be put later once the potatoes were softened.


The ART :: Doing this cooking properly will result a very nice Udang Masak Lemak Cili Api. The soup should taste sweet and a bit hot.. nice to be eaten with plain rice..

State of the ART :: The shrimp should be boiled together with the mixture of grinded tumerics and chillies to get the taste and aroma of the chillies+tumerics into the shrimps. Thus, the sweetnesses of the tres ingredients will result a sensational taste of hot, sweet and tumerical taste which does really suit my taste.. The tomatoes will give a bit of sour taste.. just to balance the taste of the coconut milk, since it's high with fat and sour taste will reduce the fatty taste it has. And the biggest secret is NO ONION. This is the key to get a delicious tastefully Masak Lemak Cili Api.. Onion will neutralise the taste of the tumeric.. no more sweetness then

Happy Tryin!!!! U can leave a comment or question regarding masak lemak cili api.. I'll be happy to entertain..

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