May 26, 2004

For 4 days :: Birthdays... Birthdays!!!

Birthdays for the last 4 days... 23rd was sheyna's 24th, 24th was for Asfarin 27th and Shafarizan 26th, 25th for my dear sister Ina's 24th and today 26th is my dear Baby Rosie's 22nd and adlina's 26th birthday..

Happy birthday to u...
Happy birthday to u...
Happy birthday to all of u...
Happy birthday to u...

cheers... (sheyna, asfarin, shafarizan, ina, baby rosie and adlina)

Happy birthday to all of you.. May god sanctify you guys with a lot of blesses and good charms.

For sheyna's birthday, we (me, sheyna and emie) went out to Johnny's Steamboat and have dinner there.. Tell ya guys, I'm gonna get a lot fatter like this.. Was just have dinner and then have dinner again.. well, it was just a fine dinner.. we enjoyed the food.And from Monday to today.. nothing much happened.. except for me going back late from the office.. every day.. been busy with a lot of office works.. I'm going to setup the Globus ssytem for BCB's Islamic Banking operation, wich will be operated in July 2004, hopefully.

Doing a lot of customizations, deleting files, which has been taken directly from BCB. Our intention was, whatever running in the BCB system will be imitated in the Islamic Banking. There are certain things to be customized in depth but for the time being, my target is to get the smallest size of the Globus banking data so that it can be put into the tape and be transferred over to Islamic Banking.. It may then operate fresh.

On monday, I was busy in Muamalat Tower just to get ready for the Islamic Banking preparation. Then, in the afternoon, trying to get my loans for my car done, but later it was found that, my documents are not fully completed.

Yesterday, was having GSMS training in my office. For the first time of my life, I've been never been attending courses/training without failing to get asleep. The presenter was Judith Cowan. She's quite in her late 30s or mid 40s. Not so sure about it. But she's such a good presenter, with clear pronounciation, even tho she's an aussie. And surely I get the whole idea of what she's been trying to present to us. In the morning, I tried to get my documents for the loan application to be completed..

And this morning, once again, a training with regard of one of the module inside the GSMS, again with Judith Cowan, and I think she's kewl.. and motherly.. I think, at her early ages, she must be someone charming, with her own way of addressing her presentation, the way she describe things thru examples, I think anyone would just listen and get the idea.. unless, like my boss, his mind was totally out of the class...

And now.. feel bored.. got a lot of things in mind.. have to sort out which and which first..


This afternoon I called Rosie in the US.. so lovely she is.. as usual.. she missed her family so much (but why not me hehe)...

I'm posting this as I'm running the batch job for the Globus system I'm doing. People was hoping to get to play futsal tonite but I don't think there's any game we all can play for tonite.. Some friends even asked to see me in the Planet Hollywood tonite, but I just can't move easily enywhere.. no car.. no going out..

So I guess tonite, again I'll be staying late in the office.. hope that our picture of going dining at the Johnny's could be ready so I can put 'em up here.. I just knew how to put it here.. hehe.. being techie doesn't mean that u'll always updated.. know everything techienically.. hehe..

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