May 23, 2004

Happy Birthday Sheynaaaa!!!

Hmm.. the tblog was having a lot of trouble lately.. I don't know they even have to restore the database. That's too bad for an Application Service Provider. It's not I don't wanna move to somewhere else which is more stable but I just think that this service is the best service I've found all over the internet. LUckily they can get back to the point whjere the database has crashed and restored everything.. Let's pray that those trouble won't be heppening again.

Update :: So.. update? Since the lasy Wednesday.. I've been so busy with my work. A lotsa things to be settled. Got 2 major tasjks which I've already done them.. On the wednesday.. What I can recall, on the wednesday, I and Emie went to watch Troy at Mid Valley Mall. Going to work and home with emie everytday.. Days without Sheyna were like a lot of things missing. Luckily I've Emie who is so loyal to be around hehe.. Nothing much was being done, until Friday.. I made a sudden decision to go back to JB..

Was on the phone :: I was on the phone with my sister, asking her for her car, whether I can borrow it for the weekend.. She said yes, but later on my father called me on saying a lot of things which had made me a lil bit mad.. Not with my father but my sister. If she can't give it tome, just tell me not my father.. A bit sad, I've been raising my voice to my father.. and later I decided to go back to JB, promptly. Asked emie to send me to Puduraya (the transit/stop point for all express buses in Kuala Lumpur).. bought the ticket and then went out (thanx to Emie again) while waiting for my bus that will depart at 11.00 pm. At that time, it was just 9.45 pm.

Met a long time no see fren :: Hmm I still remember his name.. He was my Junior.. Ainul Huda... he used to stay next to my dormitory in my secondary school. He used to massage me too.. hahaha.. ya know.. in the residential school, it's not called ragging, but for me, it's more to asking for help. He's okay.. And now he's a 'Captain' in the Royal Military Force, just promoted and he's getting married in the July. So f*ckin' lucky.. And as usual... he was just like me.. use to be a loser.. but his story is much worse, where his gal was suddenly out of her mind.. just canot recognize anyone.. after being together for 5-6 years of a relationship. But he has found his new sunshine and without wasting his time, he's gonna get married.. kewl...!

10:45 :: Time to say goodbye to Ainul, walked to the Puduraya, step into the bus, say hi to the person next to me.. and then get to sleep.

2:30am :: The bus topped somewhere.. I'm not so sure about it.. Get off the bus and buy a pack of drink. I've problem with my kidney, sometimes if my bladder gonna get full, it'll always get full. So I toook a minimum amount of drink, as least as I could, just not to be having problem when travelling around. It's okay if I'm driving.. Met the guy sitting next to me in the bus. He's going to Pasir Gudang.. Forgotten his name, he's a nice guy, coming to KL for some job, and now getting back to his hometown in Pasir Gudang.. Nice chap. Married with no child.

4.40am :: Arrived in Larkin, JB and called my bro to pick me up.. soon, he arrived and we go to lepak in kedai Mamak.. had Teh Tarik, get back home.. watched TV, pray.. met my momma, father, Farah.. hehe.. and then slept for a while, get up..

Walked to the shop :: Ya know why.. I've got no car.. My bro was supposed to buy coconut from the shiop but he then went up just to tell us there's no coconut being sold around here.. I asked him why don;t u find alternatives. He slumberly asking to go by myselves. Psychotically, I went out the door and looking for the said shop.. We're staying in somekind of condominium so to get out of the area, it's quite taking my time. Around the area, there's a lot of second hand car dealer.. While walking around, I took some peek of the car available around.. I just noted this one Orange EG Civic, which is smart.. and magneto as well... after walking for about 1 and a half hour, then only I found a shop selling coconut. Bought it and get back home.. There's one weird thing happened there.. I was trying to buy a bottle of isotonic drink but it seems that, they're all cannot be opened.. So I just bought an Ice 7-UP.. Hmm it taste ice, but later u feel some sensation in your throat.. WOW.. now I know why they call it Ice-7UP.

Get back home :: My mom asked why it takes me so long.. I told her.. it was a long journey.. No shop around.. come on.. I'm not born in JB and how do u expect me to be so expert about this town anyway? hehe

Masak Lemak Cili Api :: Yeah!!! In the fridge we've got big shrimps.. So as the coconut is there.. My mom cooked masak lemak cili api. kewl kewl.. I ate a lot.. hahaha.. 3 plates of rice. that's a lot for now!!!!

Went out again :: Oh yeah.. My father's volkswagon is still in the workshop as the car was having a lot of trouble with the engine lately.. so first we went to all the second hand car dealer's first.. so bad. the car were overpriced.. so I decided to buy the one offered by Abg Zul .. so we later we went to the workshop.. the car seems okay.. and took it back.. took my father to some stalls, he wanted to buy Fried Banana ans some indians kuih.. masalodeh if I'm not mistaken.. his favourite. Went home.. have tea together and my sister wanted to swim.

My phone broke :: So, I and my bro took Fara to the swimming pool. Wow.. there's a lot of people.. Was eyeing for shicks around but only 3-4.. not worth it.. I just sat on the bench.. been thinking a lot of things.. and suddenly I heard something falling.. Oh no.. It's my Handphone.. so bad.. it cannot be closed.. luckily it's still usable.. Went back home.. Told my father about it..

Went out again :: Yeah we went out again that nite. In the volkswagon.. we went to Pasar Borong.. had dinner there.. we eat satay and rojak.. while only me and Farah were enjoying Sup Gearbox.. both of cattle and lamb.. wow.. I'm sure be getting hot tonite.. As I was eating eat, I was sweating a lot.. tell ya a lot.. then.. went to pasar borong.. my mom bought soemthing for breakfast.. which are fruits.. hehe.. my family had juices for their breakfast while me have cigarettes.. hehe..

To Danga Bay :: went there.. nothing special.. boring.. except for my sister was doing her boring expression again when my parents ask her to play the kids thingie again.. no sign of excitement.. when she gets down.. we know she embarassed of herself.. hahah... get back home.. called sheyna.. wished her HAPPY BIRTHDAY and sleep...


Shundae :: Woke up early in the morning.. read newspaper.. had breakfast.. and my parent send me to Larkin.. bought a bus ticket and on the bus.. My BABY called from the US.. so happy she called.. I was kinda sleepy at that time + bus sickness. hehehe.. So I arrived in KL at about 4.40 pm.. called Emie a few times but no answers.. called sheyna.. she was about to sleep.. and I was going to the LRT station.. thru the Petaling Street.. wow.. so long not been there.. and arrived in the LRT station.. Emie called.. yeah.. now phone is not usable.. luckily she called my other phone.. knew it.. damn.. it unusable now.. gotta find a new phone now.. then.. she fetched me at the LRT.. sent me back home..

Now :: In the cybercafe.. was just typing this blog and waiting for Emie to fetch me.. we're going out.. Today is SHEYNA'S BIRTHDAY!!! Harus kuar gitu.. hahaha...

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