May 14, 2004

about : blank

see :: Have u ever seen the above line? I guess u've had but it's not in the form that u've always see...

In internet explorer, type about:blank in the url address, see & observe what would u get..

A blank white page... nothing.. luckily it's white.. not black or any other colour.. so it's clean, and i can do anything to it.

Me :: As blank as that... blank but clean.. i've a lot to tell.. it's been a week... the last time I updated my blog was on the last Saturday.. i've been so busy with works.. WITH WORKS.. okie?


Frydae :: Okie.. let's get back to business.. The last Frydae I didn't go to the Jumaat prayer hehe.. went to Bangi with my Satanic boss, actually we've got something to do... and in the afternoon, I went out with Sheyna and Emie to Bangsar's Syed.. me have Roti Nan, and the other two smelly gal took the Nasi Lemak.. After that.. it was such a lousy feeling.. I felt drowsy.. and co-incidently, all the three of us went back home and straight away fell asleep then. I slept till morning..

Shatterday Coaching :: Oh yeah.. today, I've promised to Bob to train Asyraf, his son's class's soccer team.. When I reached there, only 3.. THREE???.. yeah.. just three.. of them.. so we make it 5.. plus Syariz and Michael, who's supposed to be there for Badminton.. well it went well.. they kinda like it.. and nothing much I could say about it rather than they were saying, now only we know it's not easy to play soccer.. they kinda enjoyed it.. and would be happy to join again next week..

So sad... i'm out of time.. to be continued.. work... work!


ehem.. let's continue..

Afternoon :: Hmm.. I went to the office to compose to below messages.. I was supposed to finish the whole week's things but then I went out to be having tea time with emie then..

Karaoke :: L8er at nite.. karaoke with Bob and his family members.. And later fetch Hasna in Petronas Sungai Besi and sent her back to her sister's house.

Shunday Project :: Woke up early, I got project to do today.. As I'm going to sell my car, I was trying to get the best price I can get from the car. Well, the buyer want everything to be standard. Taken out, the shiny sport rims, the mild stiff absorbers, the semi racing springs and put it into my sister's car. Replaced them with my sister's things.. as her things were all standard and FYI, Satria or Wira 1.3 and 1.5 absorbers/springs are replaceable/exchangeable to each other. So just did it. And later went to the accessories to take out my stereo and put the old standard player back to it's place.

Wedding :: Emie and Hasna fetched me from home.. Together we reached Pantai Dalam, where the wedding was. Ahha.. this is the wedding of TMRND's staff, which TMRND was my previous company. And met some of those who are in still and were in TMRND.. As expected, they were all so surprised to me, as firstly I'm no longer in TMRND and secondly, my style.. too rockla bro.. how do u work in the new place.. I just said.. that's why I left.. hahahaha..KLCC :: here we come.. what do we did there? I've forgotten.. Sheyna was in a bad fever, sleeping all day.. pity her.. so went there, just tres of us. L8er at nite, they're supposed to be gathering in sheyna's house (and please okay.. I'm prohibited.. damn!!.. heeh) but as everyone is not going, it's cancelled (oo yeah man)..

Moandae :: Work.. and oh god. my auntie passed away this morning.. How am I going there? And l8er have to go to bangi.. back from Bangi, went back home, sent Hasna to KLIA, as she's goin back to Penang.. and l8er I headed myself to Rembau N9. And you know what? I spent about an hour just to look for the entrance to the village.. which at nite, it's realy hard to see.. Was there chatting with the family members for about 2 hours, drove back to Senawang... slept there.. and in the morning, went back to Taman Desa and went to the office with Emie..

The next2 dayz ::
Moandae :: Dayz without Hasna.. kinda missed her already.. as I can still remember, went to Bangi a lot.. went to muamalat a lot.. was trying to get the car taken by the buyer..

Wenchsdae :: the buyer took the ar on the wenchsday.. work too late worried can't catch the movie. watched the secret window on the wenchsday nite with emie and sheyna..

Thirstdae :: went to the ROYAL LONDON CIRCUS on thirstdae.. hahahaha.. bestkan.. not bad.. I rike the first show.. with that two spinning circles with a big connecting rod in the middle. Sheyna got free tickets from her ex-employer .. the NST.. hmm it's really kewl to be working with the press.. as u can get a lot of free things.. press is quite important in our life..

Frydae :: Fuiyo.. Emie treat us for the Karaoke.. I went back early that afternoon cause got something to do in my house.. later on went to serdang, passed my sister's car back to her, and drove super fast to Hill Park and they're already out sheyna's house.. went to Sunway Piramid RedBOX karaoke.. hahaha.. nice small room, just nice for the tres of us to do our things there.. Uptown :: Out of the karaoke.. and went to Uptown.. hehe.. l8er on in Uptown I have to take over the wheel as sometwo (hehe) got to get out of the car as someone really can't hold her bladder. parked the car, get to the dining place, met Boy.. sheyna's butiful cousin.. he's a boy but butiful as described by Emie.. hehe..

Sent them back home.. I hold Emie's car and get back to sleep...


The ART :: What ART? No ART this time.. go ask your teacher..

State of The ART :: What state? hehe.. NEXT.....

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