May 27, 2004

Thirstdae :: It's a thirst day or a thurs day?

About the day :: Thirstday or thursday? Actually of course it should be thursday but then why do they name it thursday? I was first thinking that it's actually should be thirst.. where everybody in the world, on this day.. will actually feel thirsty.. as I always do.. on thursdays especially.. Like today, I went up so early, and reach the office as early as 7.00am, without having any breakfast yet, only a glass of orange juice, i felt so thirsty.. So let us see why it is actually named Thursday...

Thor :: The Angles and Saxon's invaded England in the 500s AC. They carried belief in Thor, who were said as the Norse God of Thunder, where his chariot rumbled as it crossed the sky and that he wielded a hammer that shot lightening when he threw it. So those Angles & Saxon's (I'm sure u've heard anglo-saxon people) believe in Thor in their wanderings and wars..

The Roman :: Long before the invasion by the anglo-saxon people, The Romans inhabited most of the so-said civilized area including England. They called the 5th day as 'dies jovis'. They also named it after their own name of Thunder God, who is Jupiter or Jove.

The German then :: When they suplanted those Romans, they also suplanted their god.. They replaced Jupiter or Jove with Thor.. thus the name THORSDAEG. So when it came down to those modern english speaker, the pronounced it as 'THURSDAY', as what we heard now.. and till today....

Believe :: Heheh.. do u believe me? heh heh.. it's up to you.. well.. when it comes to reading materials, as for me, I will just take it as something to refer to if I don't believe in it. It's hard to face that you're actually being bluffed.. when u actually trust it.. or putting the whole belief in it.. as sometimes, we badly need something, and when we read, we got it, we get what we want.. but later on it's found that the author, without your knowledge, is not being honest by simply writing down wrong information.. so it's all up to you to believe or trust in people.. tell ya, i'm not bluffing.. as I got nothing in return to bluff you.. hehe..

My day + nite :: So me as usual, went back late.. a lot of things to be done.. went out and have dinner.. and together with Eric, went to Kajang, meeting Toto.. it's been a very long time not seeing him, and he still drive his GTi.. I thot he's gonna buy an Impreza as me and him was testing drive the car and he straight away made orders after the test drive.. watched a lot of Animal Kingdom stories and get to sleep.. wake up, had orange juice with Eric and me took bath while Eric sleeping restlessly on my bed.. do all the should-do thingie and i went straight to the office..

So this morning :: Ahh.. it's been so long not coming to the office this early.. I clean up my desk.. for the first time in this last 8 month, I've been cleaning up my desk.. now it looks really tidy.. and I like it so much..

Am goin out.. walk around.. as I;ve got not so many things to be done today.. challos..

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