May 18, 2004

about : bored

Shatterday :: As I've been telling y'all, been coaching.. had nasi lemak at Bob's and in the afternoon, as the family's goin to movie, I followed Bob to KLCC to buy the tickets. And ya know what, we're in the queue for about an hour... phewh!!!.. so tiring, I decide to treat Bob to the Chili's.. Heh.. now only he knows such a good and good place like chili's where he can enjoy free drink refills.. hahahaha.. Later I went back home.. and as I was too tired, I slept at home.. till 7 and then I went back to Senawang... Oh yeah.. Bob let me use his car for the weekend..

In Senawang :: Reach there around 8.00 pm.. was driving madly fast on the freeway.. hehe just like in the US.. it's supposed to be highway.. Hmm Bob's car was frighteningly fast.. like having a turbo inside.. the Suzuki Swift with 1.3 engine inside.. the car I suspect was having somekind like VVT system inside.. 0-100 in less than 10 seconds.. second gear can reach to about 90km/h. But in the middle of driving.. something has gine wring.. no pickup and I was deadly scared.. hahahahahahahaha..

Nite :: Dinner? I asked my bro to buy satay.. hmmm.. the satays were nice.. my mom prepared the bone soup (Sup Tulang).. a speciality by malaysian.. for non-Malaysians.. in Malaysia we do havea lot of soups... variations of soup based on the parts of chicken or cow.. like.. oxtail soup, bone soup, beef soup, sheephead soup, chicken feet soup, and so many more.. and even tongue soup, liver soup.. ahh so many I can't mention.. so had a nice dinner.. felt really sleepy and i went sleeping without taking off my contact lenses.. and as usual.. tomorow....

Shundae :: Wake up early in the morning, realizing that I didn't take my contact lenses off.. soo guess what.. hahaha.. pain in my eyes.. took off my lenses and get back to sleep.. but it ain't easy as that.. my mom asked me to look what's happening with the water pump.. I was asked to climb up the roof and look what has caused the water dropping from the ceiling..

Cracked Joins :: well I guess It was the joining of the water pump towards the piping that caused the problem... Then had breakfast.. read newspapers, watched TV.. my parents went out to Nilai.. me and my Bro left at Home.. I was asked to dry the clothes.. and later I went out to fix Bob's car.. and it was found that the Sparx Plugs wore out.. too bad.. after everything fixed.. the car shoot like a rocket again...

Baby :: Hmm my Baby called.. and as she unexpectedly, spelled it out.. she's coming back to Malaysia this June 20.. and who ever out there.. this is just an announcement.. hehe.. we conversate over the phone for about an hour.. until later my parents came back.. buying a big wooden mat.. and some other things.. it's hard for me to take 'em out single handed.. but I manage to get it done..

Watched TV :: yeah watch.. and watch.. a lot of interesting things on the screen.. so I just watch and watch.. have lunch and watch watch.. Surato came to fix the water pump and I watch TV till 10 pm.. there were Butiful Mind, The Grinch, Good Discovery programs like Rodes , which were showing a project car, which they scrapped a whole chevrolet.. and make a new thing out from a model the Hot Wheels built.. it was a nice built car.. and they transform an SUV into a sound machine.. that was nice too!!!!!! From 8-9 watched news and 9-10 watched the Tomas Cup Final.. and later on drove back to KL..

IN KL :: Went back home.. left my things and goin out as I want to return the car back to Bob.. Bonny Razali, a two-world human being, a model, called me up and Bob is just so happy to see this guy.. should I address as he or she then? Took Bonny from his/her condo.. drove back to Taman Desa, lepak at Mamak.. for an hour.. and later on Bob dove back home.. I went home and sleep..

Moanday Again!!! :: Argh.. Back to work.. I opened my eyes as early as 6.30 in the morning.. fantasizing for about 45 minutes and get myself to the bathroom... have bath.. and waited for Emie to go to work.. And I realized one thing.. I left my necklace at home in Senawang.. gosh! had breakfast .. as usual nice breakfast.. at Kumar's Cottage.. Telekom's building stalls.. nice place to eat.. hehe.. do my work.. wrote the previous blog.. about Masak Lemak Cili Api.. and later.. so my work the whole day.. now I realized that I've a lot more to do.. new projects coming in.. my boss really rely on me to do few important things.. went back early at 6.. and started to feel BORED

I'm Bored :: Called Sazuan, Hasna, Wan Chang.. almost everyone in my phone except for Emie as she can't go out.. smsed Sheyna buchuk and she's about to sleep.. Later Hasna called me and we talk for about 25 minutes.. hmmmm rasa rindu la plak kat Hasna.. hehe

The ART :: Bored because I can't go anywhere.. Got no car rite now..

State of The ART :: Haiyoh.. do boredom got the ART? But I guess it does.. People like me.. who used to get busy all the time.. goin out here and there.. and all of a sudden u gotta to stay at home alone.. SURE BORED!!!!!!

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