May 28, 2004

Search :: Car Search in the Yard

Went out :: At about 10.10 am, I went out of the office yesterday. I'm supposed to be meeting my cousin in Hang Tuah's Star Lrt's Station. We're going to two yards which are located in Jalan Kuching. Both yards contain cars which were taken from their driver owner, in case of they were not paying the monthly installment for the car they bought.

First Yard :: The first I went to was the the yard for the Public Finance financed car. As expected, they are a lot of Protons, so I decided to just take a look from the far. Moved to the next section, there are imported cars, ranging from the year of 1970s to the latest was a Mercedes, priced at RM225k. Then there was a BMW 523i, year 1997 priced at RM125k. Then there are also a few Honda Civic Ferio EGs, a Kia Rio.. and a lot more.. I just jot down some of the car that caught my attention.

2nd Yard :: As no result from the first Yard, we moved to the 2nd Yard. In the 2nd Yard, we're not allowed to get in, except if we have made a booking to get in or confirmation through fax. All done by my cousin. Then we got in, located in the first roofed parking were expensive and good looking cars, might be as they are all still new. There're not so much car that is really into my attention. Accept for this E36 318i plated BFD 61. Priced at 50k. Later then, we're brought to the car that we're looking for which is the EG3 converted to B16A priced at RM25k. Hmm.. Tempting isn't it.. But still, If i'm gonna get that car, I'm surely want to convert it to B18C, as that was my initial plan with the EG4. But it's kewl to get an EG3 since they're much better in handling and they're much2 lighter. Good for DRAGs!

Luncheon :: Then we went to Kg. Baru for lunch. Well, maybe a bad day for me, the EG4 that I was trying to buy was recommended not to be bought as I myself do not know the reason. Well.. it's okay.. so gotta look for more cars then..

Get a car :: Went back to Muamalat, finish up some jobs and then went to serdang, to see my sister and get the car from her.. get back to the office, but I'd dropped by to Mid Valley and buy a movie ticket. Nothing got into my mind... What surprised me was that the queue were damn f*ckin long! This is Thorsdaeg.. why is this so.. Just as to waste my time there, I queued up for 45 mins and at the last minute I decided to watch Shrek 2, for two..

Raining Heavily :: When I get out from the Mid Valley, the raining was just started. It was still okay. I've never thought that it's gonna be as dark as it was going to to dawn. But it was really dark then.. Get back to the office.. do some job... and was thinking who should I take to the movie.. called someone and that someone said yes.. haha... so i asked that someone to come over to my place by LRT. waited for that someone.. and when that someone arrived, we went to Mid Valley..

Dinner :: What else.. than my favourite Ikan Pari + Sotong ... Jalan2.. wait for the movie.. and get in... wow.. I'm sitting at the 3rd row from the front. OK la.. as long as I can get to watch the movie.. That someone was so happy.. hehe.. me too.. then sent that someone back home.. and me get back to home.. I was about to bathe but..zzzZZZZZZZZZZZ

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