May 8, 2004

Problem :: Thinking of one to be solved.

Thirstdae Nite :: As I realized that I did something that I thought was a small thing, it was. I was reading comments from munchkin.. hehe.. seriously.. i can't get it straight away.. Guess I've to find ways to understand what she was writing.. I'm bad in literature.

Lepak :: I did lepak with emie.. having chit chat.. I was so badly coughing so I bought a bottle of cough syrup. Just to get things a lil bit better. But later I found something funny about the packing.. It's written there:: -


What :: If I'm a moron.. I'll take it this way.. THIS MAY CAUSE DROWSINESS AND I SHOULD NOT DRIVE BUT I SHOULD WORK WITH MACHINES... don't u think so?

Grammatical and Mantical Error :: Which one? It should be comprehended like this.. The medicine would cause drowsiness. So when ever you take it, do not drive and do not work with machines. so it should sound like this..


Ahha.. it should sound like that.. Easier to understand.. Now we're getting to the point I wanted to say..

Tasha :: Was Tasha my problem..? I was considering either she's my problem or she isn't. Well, I called her.. and she was actually having the menstrual pain, so she told me it was okay, she called me because previously she called her other friend but he didn't pick up. And now I feel guilty....

Today :: I read comments from voila and babed (hei babed.. is it really you? how are u? emi ada call tak today? belajar la memasak.. takkan nak makan nasik ketul je lagi.. heheh ;p ) I do agree with you guys.. I've never been expecting anything in return for anything.

Help :: For me, people help for these 3 reasons. First, I helped my brothers/sisters because it's my responsibility, and I'm willing to do so as I love them so much. Second, I help other people for sympathy, I felt guilty for not helping and it becomes my responsibility to help. Thirdly, people do help other people for something in return. Tell ya, this is mostly done by people, especially in business. It's also happen for non business purpose as well..

This Case :: Not to mention again and again, I helped Tasha because she's a friend of mine and I'll feel guilty if I'm not to. But lately.. caused by things that I do not expect and I shouldn't mention here.. I'm thinking of avoiding her.. I don't wanna mess my mind with anything about her again..

Respect :: I admit that it's hard to treat people the same after you've being hurt. I ain't perfect. I got grudges to other people too, even tho how kewl I've been. I would love to treat everyone nicely, but I just can't. I used to have friends who I really want to be by their side, but at certain time, and certain reasons, I just can't. I do respect people as a human being.

Confront :: Hmm.. should I waste my time with that? Nah.. she doesn't care. hehe. She even said this once..

"Should he get mad if I didn't call? If he doesn't want to, there's a lot more people to call me.."


I've forgotten one thing :: There's a saying, CERTAIN THINGS ARE BETTER LEFT UNSAID.

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