May 6, 2004

Privacy :: Violation Detected???

Today is wenchday...

Morning :: I get up from tarry quite early, as I've to drive back to KL, without bathing, i prayed to god, packed up ma things and drive back to KL. Barged in Taman Desa at around 7am, get up to my room, bathe and went to the office. All I was thinking about was hasna. I miss her so much.. hehe..

In the office :: As usual, being early, ensure me free parking space. I can drive slowly, walk slowly, do everything without rushing as I was well known to myself as rushingly do things. I can read my emails, even my prodigious porn mails, because at this hour only few people arrived, so privacy is something assured.

Surprised :: Oh yeah!!! Someone invaded my friendster account, deleted my photos, changed position of my photos. That's a very kewl thing to do hacker whacker cracker? A bit sad, as my privacy is now being infiltrated. I'm so thwarted as this is my first time after 2 years, my privacy was again being harassed by a sick psychotic, lunatic, demented, deranged, idiotic whacko!

More surprised :: Someone else's friendster was also being permeated (cian sheyna bucuk), where her testimonial to other and from that other person to her was being deleted. This is a very psychotic irresponsible action and I stand up high against it.

Please :: This must be stopped, even though if you like it, please spare me and my friends!! Who ever, what ever, where ever you are, please stay away of my life as we have never ever wanted or even intended to startle your life. We just want our peaceful life.

Your Say :: What do you guys think about the privacy invasion matter?? I really hope to hear from you!!!

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