June 2, 2004

.: Cak :.

Fridae :: The only I knew about this word, FRIDAE, is that it has been used for a gay website in Singapore. The website is Fridae Gay Portal. I even have worked part-time for this company, developing some of their application. I don't know whether they're still exist or not..

Work :: Yeah.. gotta work.. no work no money.. In the afternoon, I didn't go to the prayer.. Went to lunch in Uptown with that someone i took out yesterday.. U know.. the Vicchuda restaurant, a TOMYAM Seafood restaurant.. My rank.. NOT BAD!!! Then work till late 9pm, went out to meet Helena, a mate from MMU.. then tired and get back home sleeping..

Shatterday :: Get up early.. as I'm gonna be working today.. had breakfast and pursuit to the office like I'm late.. My boss planned to show some method of installation.. I worked till late 6pm.. went to shah alam.. Met Ucuk.. a friend from my school.. had his char koay teow kerang.. yummy.. went to Jusco Klang.. and then as I'm so tired.. went to klia, park my car there and shoot off to Kuala Terengganu.. zzZZZzzzZZZ

Shundae :: Phewitt! Off today.. Secret Project... I'm not in KL... :p

Moondae :: Work! Work!! I came back from terengganu late last nite.. driving.. do u think it's far?.. hell no!.. hehe.. my boss would be on leave from today till Thorsdaeg.. so.. i just do my work as usual.. today I'm so bz.. I thot there's a meeting at 10am at Muamalat.. but I was wrong.. the meeting was supposed to be at 2.30pm.. so did some work.. and get back to pantai... get the car and drive off to bangi.. do some installation.. met Ina as she's gonna send me back to the office as she's taking her car back.. but actually then, her bf wanted to see her, so I asked him to park at the Commuter Station in Serdang, fetch him and took both of them to Pantai.. hehe..

Meeting :: Again to Muamalat.. meeting. had lunch and get back to the office.. Ezlin, my ex-schoolmate called up for a dinner, all on hers.. Pizza Hut IOI Puchong.. but b4 that.. need to get the car from Bob.. went to Bob's house at around 8, he insisted for a dinner... a quick dinner and drove rushingly to puchong.. in 25 mins.. I parked my car and it's gonna be a big dinner!!!

Pizza Hut :: We ordered 3 regular pizzas, 5 mocha floats, 4 ice creams, 2 salads, 4 soups, 2 lasagnas, 12 pieces of chicken wings, a mineral water and me myself ordered an extra sprite.. there are 5 of us...From the left :: Ezlin, Me, Lina, Faie and Acai...Later.. get back to sleep.. I'm really stuffed...

Tousedae :: Went early to the office... totally concentrating on my work.. ust can't wait for futsal tonite.. Eric as usual.. being so f*ckin pampered... has called me so many times to ask me out.. but i'm working.. till late 7s.. then get back.. took bath.. writing some songs (oh yeah... I'm starting off my first song projects so u can download 'em from this site later... ) then fetch Eric at home and we went off for futsal...

Talk :: We did talk abt few things that had happened lately.. gothically sounds.. we are ghosts.. hahahaha... we took some picture before starting off...The above are from higher left :: Bisu, me (so manja) and eric (so sleepy).. Lower left :: Efdza, Farok... So who took the above picture... take a look... what a lucky nite.. I asked her to take our picture.. got a chance to know her.. sheila.. so eric took her no.Hmm quite cute.. but just not my taste.. But.. what do u think about this girl.. hehe.. my friends were asking...

Supper :: Went off to SS14 mamak.. and had supper.. had long talk.. for the 5 of us.. and then get back home.. I was on my guitar until 1.30, took bath and sleep....

End Of Day :: Batch processing zzzZZZzzzZZZ&*^#@^^

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