June 18, 2004

Big Thorsdaeg!!!

Bad day? :: Even though it wasn't really a good day for me, it wasn't the end of my life yet. Life must go on, being open minded, ya know life is not always about being accepted (we all must accept that), especially people like me who doesn't really work hard for something.

luck :: I knew it's wrong.. we must work hard for what we desired for.. but remember, god is there, luck is there.. I don't really believe in luck.. but sometimes I rely on it.. hehe..

Thorsdaeg :: At work, I never felt so down, in fact I felt so happy as I was being rejected by that girl. There are 2 reasons :: 1. I've done what I'm supposed to do for so long and 2. It feels so release.. It feels like just getting out of the jail... It feels like after the SPM.. Even though it's not a big thing.. but as My boss said.. He normally will wait for the girl to confess and he never will.. Me thinks so.. but if that's the attitude.. I think I would never get the thing I want.. So I did it well after work.. when I asked my boss to treat me a good dinner... just after finishing my Murex Tasks..

Dinner :: Was waiting for hensem to arrive in my office.. and my boss was about to go for dinner.. he suggested the Korean Steamboat/BBQ Buffet downstairs.. haha.. % of us, My boss, his wife, mayna, me and hemsem.. At the end.. only me and Hensem were eating while the rest were just looking at us.. and keep askin.. are u gonna take more food? well.. we went out after spending 2 hours inside there... eating non stop... then as usual.. get home.. took things.. and went to subang.. slept there..

I did this one stupid test.. It's called.. the personality cocktail..

For the name slash it appears like this..

How to make a slash

1 part jealousy

5 parts ambition

5 parts energy
Layer ingredientes in a shot glass. Add a little sadness if desired!
While for my real name... Izham.. it goes like this..

How to make a izham

5 parts success

5 parts brilliance

3 parts instinct
Layer ingredientes in a shot glass. Add curiosity to taste! Do not overindulge!
Frydaeg :: So today.. I'm on meeting.. was a fun meeting.. with Ai Meng.. she became my sketary.. hehe.. went to frydaeg prayer.. and have lunch and now I'm writing this blog!!

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