June 2, 2004

Today :: A New Discovery..

Discovery 1

Morning :: Went in to the office this morning.. while browsing through my friendster.. I noticed this one thing..This is my friend from MMU, her name is Nadia.. see how pretty she is in that fur coat.. You can take a look at her in my friendster account..This is another friend of mine in friendster, Mayra. She's actually an officemate, from the Philippines.

Open your eye :: Yes.. they're wearing the same blue fur coat.. don't you notice.. According to Mayrae, that picture was taken when she went to the Maybellin free makeup promotion in town where later she will be asked to take a picture.. and guess, both of them went to Maybeline for the free makeup.. Well.. it's a good thing.. haha.. a new discovery by me.. hehe..

Discovery 2

Fruit :: Within these few days.. I've been eating less than usual.. I noticed one thing, which is if I take a lot of fruit, I'll be taking a lot of food as well.. Within these 3 days (since moondae), i've not been taking fruits at all, so for 3 days, I've not been taking lunch and dinner, except for supper and drink a lot of water..

Discovery :: Just for me.. eating less fruit will slow down my digestion process, so I will eat less...

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