June 3, 2004

Thorsdaeg :: A loser day..

Last nite :: Was so boring for nothing.. After meeting up with sheyna in Bangsar, I went straight home, buy a workpad and a pen, get up, work with my guitar, finishing up my first artwork for my first project. A kewlie number and get bored. Start to call a few people asking how are they doing, I even called baby in the US, Suzanne and lastly I took bath and went out..

Obsess :: Am I getting obsessed with my camera? haha... sort of.. been doing a lot of experiments with it.. I find it quite amusing to know what to do if the light is dimmed or no light at all.. well it's quite a low spoeed camera and to get your hand to stay still is quite impossible. Well, I managed to snap a few pictures while I was driving yesterday..This picture was taken when I was driving near KLCC. The KLCC picture taken were too bad..Do u know this building? It's the Public Bank building. I took it while the car stops for the traffic lights. Then I drive, drive and drive and all of a sudden i found this..Can u tell me what the f*ck that was? If u can find the answer, u've got a sharp and good pair of eyes.

Big Stomach :: I've got this one problem.. I eat a lot. And now I'm dieting badly just to get myself back into my previous lightweight. I used to be 54kg. And now it's nearly 70 and my body felt so heavy right now.


The Art :: Okay let's talk about the pictures.. What I can conclude from it, the most important thing about photography is the lighting. The lighting can emboss the mood of the picture. I know nothing about this yet and still learning..

The state of The Art :: I did a big mistake when I was actually setting up the LCD brightness to be too bright so whatever photo taken appeared to be too dark, the pictures which I think was so nicely taken. So I might be doing experiments again tonite..


Loser Day :: With the power that was not granted to me by the Holders of the Royal Official Red Seal, I would like to announce that today, June the 3rd of 2004 is the loser day for all the losers in the world... but why? Let us look at the definition of loser, a jargon used commonly by common people in the world..

Loser :: An unexpectedly bad situation, program, programmer, or person. Someone who habitually loses. (Even winners can lose occasionally). Someone who knows not and knows not that he knows not. Emphatic forms are "real loser", "total loser", and "complete loser" (but not **"moby loser", which would be a contradiction in terms).

Guts :: I just don't have it yet.. It's either the world will turn around or the world is all yours.. I get into the office early this morning.. I was thinking about it last nite.. I've all the plan, how to start it.. to do it.. (thanx to Suzanne for the ideas) but then today.. argh.. it was hard to make it happens.. I even got the chance yesterday, the best chance, but still.. I'm losing it.. how far am I losing right now.. it's getting late.. totally late..

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