June 23, 2004

Euro 2004 :: Denmark & Sweden waved in! Italy bowed out!

Preview :: Sweden has been starting good by defeating the Bulgaria team 5-0, which is quite a number of goal for such a prestigious competition. For no reason why, Denmark which is uncomparable to Italy has been able to draw with Italy. To maintain it's unbeatable repo, Italy has again draw with Sweden 1-1, while the Danish beat the Bulgaria 2-0. As expected, Bulgaria is always the team to beat when it loses all it's two previous games before, well, Italy as one of the favourite team in the competition (mostly for asians and most of everyone in the world for their reputation of good defence and some of the names) has not been sitting well in the chart as below:-Same Points :: Both the Swedish and Danish (sounds like pastry) were having the same 4 points, resulting from a winning and a draw. While the Italianos drew twice with the Danish and the Swedish. It is expected that the Italianos will win over the Bulgarians but expect surprises. There are always surprises out of this kind of competition, and at this kind of situation.. Expect the amazing surprises!!

Last Nite Game :: Seriously, I was so stupid to be having big dinner last nite, after work playing futsal, having nice dinner at the A&W PJ with both Hemsem and Eric. Later Eric wanted to be having his dinner at SS15 Subang Jaya. And you know what, as I finished bathing, I lay my head and slept! What I knew was all of a sudden Italy scored their 2nd goal during the injury time. Well.. The Danish and Swedish end up with draw and Italy won over Bulgaria by 2-1. Well, guess what?
Italianos Out :: The italianos have to accept the fact that when they bowed at the end of the game, they are actually bowing themselves out of the competition as well. Both Sweden and Denmark were topping the chart for their number of goals, especially Sweden, which scored 8 goals and having a goal difference of 5. Here we goes, Italy was a good team, and still is but, it is the 'TIME' that determine. As they are good, other teams are improving too. I was once lose a bet for Italy, which I was so confident that Italy will win over Brazil in World Cup 1994, yeah they played well, they tied Brazil and it was extended to penalty kicks, but my so beloved Roberto Baggio has to think that, being a Buddhist doesn't always help him to score a penalty kick (as he was always being praised for his kewlness during penalty kicks, and he admitted, part of it was, being a Buddhist). And so now, Italy was my history of favourites, as the time changed.

* ps :: Don't u think that actually the Danish and Swedish planned their game to take Italy out of the competition? It seems to me to be like that, very very much!


Group D

Holland :: Holland has always been my favourite beside England (of course, I was raised watching English Premier League, learning how to celebrate a goal from them too, praising each and everyone of them, being a Liverpool Fan for Ian Rush, John Aldridge and John Barnes.. My other favourite team was Tottenham Hostspurs, and at that time, I've never heard about Manchester United.. yet.. but now it's different hehe). They played like England too, I think so, condemn me if u're think they're not.. The play long balls, always attacked from the left or right (which that is always influential to any of the school soccer teams). Other than that was Brazil, Argentines and Germany.. But now let's concentrate on the Hollanders and Germans..

Czech :: Czech as the 3rd in the world ranking, played very well in each game. They have a non-understandable kind of game. Hardly readable by the opponents, and me too. Maybe it's because they came from the otherside of the Europe, I guess there are two side, which one is more being known to the people in the world and the rest are less-known by the people. Latvia, Croatia, Czech, Bulgaria, Poland and so many other countries, I myself have no idea what they have inside their country. Like England, I knew them for their EPL, Holland, I knew them for their Sex Amsterdam city, Gemarny, I knew so many things about Germany, beers, munchen.. France for their taxi movies.. spain for their super beautiful ladies.. and so on.. So actually, we pay less attention towards them, not knowing their culture, their soccer and what ever it is. So that's Czech, a very rare kind of game and they have amazing surprises.. each time.. especially when they defeated Holland by 4-2.

Germany :: They are no longer my favourite. They have a very strong and tough team. But sadly, it's hard for them to score a goal. I just don't know why. So, they're always being put aside when I've another team to support, like Holland.Tonight's game preview :: Holland needs to win over Latvia, but even Germany can only draw with them. Czech has been doing good by winning over Holland and Latvia, and to win over the Germans, it's really possible. For both German and Holland, both of them need to win the game, but it's nearly impossible for the Germans to beat the 3rd ranked soccer team in the world. There are few possible situations that I might put here to be discussed (these are the worse possible results i can ever imagine/forecast tonite.. worse for all teams) ::

1. Netherlands-Latvia 0-0, Czech-Germany 1-0.

Netherlands go, German stucked.

2. Netherlands-Latvia 0-0, Czech-Germany 0-0.

Germany go, Netherlands stucked.

If German.. :: In anyway, if German wins, they'll surely go. If they draw, they must pray that the Netherlands can maximumly only draw with the Latvians.

If Netherlands.. :: If they win, they must pray hard that Germany can only maximumly draw towards Czech. If they draw, they must pray hard that the Czech will beat them out of the competition which is possible too!

Amazing Surprises :: As Greece beaten Portugal, you should remember that in this kind of competition, at current situation (where both games depend on each other and run at the same time, and both game will determine who will succeed to the next level), expect amazing surprises. We'll never knew, who knows, Latvian win over Netherlands and Germany defeated by the Czechos.. and those two so-called-closed countries proceed to the next level...

Tonite :: I'll focus on both both games.. Both games are really important to me..

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