June 17, 2004

Season :: Euro Euro!!

Season :: A recurrent period characterized by certain occurrences, occupations, festivities, or crops: the holiday season; tomato season.

So what do u expect guys? hehe.. of course it's the Euro 2004 Fever .. And the last Saturday Nite was the starting of the new season of Akademi Fantasia ..

Friday :: A big gun's car was stranded somewhere in Kerinchi Link.. I was there to help.. as Bob and Zul.. I was with Zul... meeting him to get the balance payment of my car... Had a drink and Zul called.. there we go.. So that nite.. I totally forgotten what I did..

Saturday :: I've gotta work today.. Waking up a lil bit early but then Bob asked me to send his car as that Dato' is going to use his caren to go back to Kedah. As I sent the car off, went back to the office and do my things..

Went Out :: As I was about to leave to Seremban, Tasha called me and asked me whether we can go out together.. I asked her to come over to KL Sentral and from there we went to Berjaya Times Square(BTS).. I don't know what's interest her to be there.. but it's just fine.. Hahaha.. but then weird!.. She was wearing office suit while I was out with bermuda, t-shirt and a backpack.. It looks kinda weird.. but still go to BTS and have fun with eating a lot of McDonalds.. She took the McChicken and Chicken Nugget and I was having Big Mac with Fish Nugget.. As I was going back to Seremban, we split up in KL Sentral and I headed to Seremban by the commuter.

In Commuter :: Was standing, till this one place where a lot of people went off the train and I got a seat there. Looking at this one old chinese folk standing, I called him to sit next to me.. and he starts to talk a lot of things.. got his number.. and what i know.. he's just one of the people who sit behind the scene, backing up the big guns in Malaysia.. that's kewl.. though..

In Seremban :: My sister fetched me up.. went back home.. helped my Mom cooking. My cousin, abg bakri came over, with his family.. and so fast we had dinner.. because Akademi Fantasia is starting!!

Akademia Fantasia :: Heh.. the only person i think can sing is Kaer... I gave two vote for him.. AFUNDI KAER!!!

Later :: My friend, Mat Telor came over.. he's actually having a problem.. so we went out.. and talk abt it..

Euro!!! :: Portugal Lose to Greece by 0-2.. Spain win over Russia by 1-0... Sleep

Shundae :: I woke up a bit early.. even though I was watching Euro Last nite.. While having breakfast.. i was having a long talk with my father.. discussing abt a lot of things.. regarding the things he wanted to do after his retirement.. and then we went out.. site visit.. hehe.. later, the whole family went to KL, to Ulu Yam to actually visit a relative there.. they just renovated their house there.. quite kewl.. but just not my taste.. Then we went to Mines.. have dinner.. and took my sister's car... went back home.. took bath.. went out to Subang and watched Euro.. went back home at 6. and get back to work..

Moondae :: Went late to the office.. Lunchtime I went back home.. got something to do.. hehe.. i enjoyed doing it.. and get back to the office.. do work.. till late 8.. and later.. Lisya,, pojee's sister called me to see me.. to help in doing her research project.. She's kewl.. sweet.. we met up in my office and went to Syed's bangsar.. she had her dinner.. talked with her about sampling, communication.. signalling.. erkk.. hehe.. then went back home.. and sleep..

Touseday :: Work work work!! Went to bangi.. After work.. I've been meeting with Ailina.. a girl from Kedah too (gosh.. kedah again..) been to Syed's Bangsar.. have a long talk.. and i get back to the office.. did my job and went for Futsal.. yeah.. this I want..!!!! After futsal.. yeah Bisu took out his Durians.. hahaha.. got petai as well.. we went to mamak SS14, had my heavy supper.. with petai.. and later i went back home.. took my things.. and went to Subang and sleep there.. not mentioned.. the Euro 2004 is watchin me sleepin.. hehe..

Wednesday :: Through NPE.. arrived in the office.. work again and again.. Got problems in Muamalat.. Been there to solve 3 problems:: -
Testkey :: Error to backup.. zip drive faulty.. replaced the faulty zip drive to another thing.. succeeded with backup.. anyway.. while writing to faulty Zip Drive, the data was wrongly fetched.. half opened and not properly closed.. contained no EOF.. so data broken.. database corrupted.. no backup at all.. i've to restore from Monday's data.. and they have to re-key in everything on Tuesday.. I felt so guilty about it..

TPS :: Two errors..

Cannot print data from TPS.. They're just forgotten where did they downloaded the files...

The thing I did for them wasn't completed.. i completed it for them.. and nothing goes wrong..
After work :: Been to Mid Valley with Rosli.. hehehe.. Kantoi Jonataktahan and Ai Meng in Mid Valley.. hehe.. has dinner at the Portuguese Grilled Fish.. so delicious.. hehe..

Went back home.. finishing my songs.. took bath.. take my things and drove to Subang.. slept there.. as usual.. Euro 2004 was watchin me sleepin.. hehe..

Wednesday :: Here today.. doing nothing yet.. updating my blog.. and chatting with ailina.. b4 this was with licardo.. an old friend in madrid..

Now :: Am going back home.. I'm sleepy.. nite.... eh...

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