June 21, 2004

A Weekend of Euro 2004!!!

Frydaeg :: After work.. I went back home, a lil bit late.. as Lisya is gonna see me tonite for the research project. Hmm only now I'll be having an opportunity to work on the wireless device.. It's about ciphered/compressed wireless communication.. I'll be doing my own compression method and my own cipher algo to be applied on voice transmission, trasmitted over a connection og 9.6 kbps. It's hard! As my sister came over and took her car.. we continued with our discussion.. and later, i think i'd be better spend the nite in Subang as they're having the Streamyx so that I can do my research better... I went there.. but Farok was still on his laptop so i decided to sleep.. while witing for the game.. The results were

Denmark 2 :: Bulgaria 0
Italy 1 :: Sweden 1

I end up sleeping while watching.. As I noted that Denmark was leading by 2-Nil.. zzzz

Saturday :: I woke up finding myself in the middle of the house.. sleeping half naked.. I was wearing a lose short and luckily I was sleeping facing the floor. Woke up and start with my research.. it was consistently like that till 1pm and we went out for lunch. Then I slept till 5, when Farok is getting ready for his hockey training/friendly match. He sent me back home.. I played with my guitar.. till my boss called reminding us about our plan tonite.. the I called farok to came over to my house and we had dinner together.. Then I was watching Akademi Fantasia.. it was bout time for kaer to appear but my boss already came. So he waited for me at the Shell station..

Went Out :: I went up, get dressed up and went back down.. Parked in Udang.. had coffee in Concorde Hotel.. and then we get into Hard Rock.. Nuthin much.. it was boring.. The same itchy old monkey.. boring 30s people who just learned to be living their life.. boring girls who just came in there to be having free drinks and just let the male do whatever they want on her as long as they can have free drinks. My boss was like staying kewl.. keep quiet.. I was enjoying the music,, but the band sucks.. I felt so bad for that... anyway.. I was watching the Germany vs Latvia.. end up 0-0..

Done :: Done in Hard Rock.. we're looking for a place where we can watch the match between Holland and Czech.. It was just started when Hans Isaac came to take over the place where we're suppose to sit initially.. saying hi to us and asking for permission to sit in front of us.. I was ordering coffee and sandwich.. later came in Afdlin Shauki and his wife I guess.. sitting together with Hans Isaac.. he's a big eater.. really big eater.. There was buffette, (not so nice, that's y I end up not taking it), afdlin and his wife were enjoying it.. but tell ya.. he ate till the end of the match!!! hahaha..

Bout The Game :: There are 6 of us.. I mean around me.. There were me and my boss, a girl (I don't know who), Hans Isaac, Afdlin and his wife.. 3 vs 2, afdlin and his wife and the girl were on Czech while the rest, me, my boss and Hans Isaac were on Holland. Holland has been my favourite since I knew that Holland Soccer team was among good team. Holland was leading with a header goal.. and later on by Nistelrooy.. but as Afdlin Shauki eats, and eats... and getting more and more food.. What I can say about the game was.. Czech is picking up really good on the game.. they started with a goal.. In the 2nd half.. the game was controlled by the Czech.. until this one guy was sent out off field.. as he gets his 2nd yellow card... equally as getting a red card.. and then czech adds another two goals.. so that's it.. Czech wins over Holland, 3-2.

Sunday :: It was already Sunday when I watch the soccer match. went back home.. get asleep till afternoon.. And then take my batch.. take a taxi to klsentral and went to bukit bintang.. while waiting for my cousin.. I had a walk around.. it was so tiring walking alone.. but it's better to.. hehe.. so later.. my cousin arrived and I handed him the documents I'm supposed to give him.. and we have a long chat in his office.. and later we walked out to the Nasi Ayam outlet.. had my first meal of the day.. and later he sent me back.. when I reached home.. I was so tired.. slept till the morning..

Mondaeg :: I opened my eyes at about 3.. and I realized that I didn't take out my contact lenses. Took 'em out and get back to sleep.. Later I woke up at around 8.45.. finding myself was late.. I straight away took bath.. and get ready to go to work.. Managed to get a taxi.. and arrived in the office at around 9.20... was about to finish doing something when later my boss asked me to follow him to Muamalat and do our work there.. Had our lunch first.. and later, we were just concentrating on our work.. at 5 we went back to the office.. and now I'm writing this Blog..

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