June 24, 2004

Euro 2004 :: Czech and Holland to quarterfinale

How do I get slept :: Last nite, called Nana, asking her out to watch soccer but she had something else to do. Went to USJ, went out with Hemsem and Cop to send Cop's car to one of the Half Cut Shop in Subang Airport area to change his car's engine. Back from there, have our dinner in Carlos Subang, and I was so full.

Back in the house :: The ball talk last nite made me so happy to see the Darling Ngasri, she was so pretty, how I wish I can sit next and talk to her whenever i saw her in SS15 Subang Jaya. Used to met her there quite a number of times. And now she's even more slurpy.. what a babe.. well, they chose TV3, showing the gane between Germany & Czech, which I wantedt to see the Holland game.. and I started to fall asleep... zzZZZzzz

Waken up :: I was waken up by the noise of my friends cheering up for the Germany's beautiful first goal. I admit that.. but I went back to sleep..

End of Game :: Holland won over the Latvia by 3-0 and The Czechos won over the Germans by 2-1. And you know what, I lost my bet. Yann bet Holland over Latvia by 3-0. It's okay, it's just RM2. The most important is, Holland is still on!!! Goals were scored, 2 by Ruud Van Nistelrooij and one more by Roy Makaay.. The German's beautiful goal was scored by Balack, but Baros denied the German total dreams.

Today :: So was busy.. with a lot of things.. In the morning I was having breakfast with Boss, Sally, Yann, Abu and Ai Meng.. Then to Muamalat for a Meeting. Corona new Module and later a meeting for the BRC rehearsal. Then, try to setup the corona, have lunch, then went to a clinic.. Then get back to Muamalat for User testing.. then get back to the office and do my work.

Group D (Death) Standings ::Quarter Finale Schedule ::
24 June 2004Luz, LisboaPortugal vs England
25 June 2005Jose Alvalade, LisboaFrance vs Greece
26 June 2004Algarve, Faro/LouleSweden vs Netherlands
27 June 2004Dragao, PortoCzech Rep. vs Denmark
Tonite's Game :: Portugal, carrying fervent hopes as the host of the competition, will definitely do not want to lose this game. It's very crucial at this point to maintain the best form they had to face England, a team which is inconsistent in performance, well-known for it's legendary of soccer team ability to create upsets but raised in confident as the performance showed Wayne Rooney. I might say that England is not a strong team, but it has it's own class. Well, Portugal is known as European Argentina, just like Spain is the European Brazil. Well, the Spain was having tough luck this year, just like the Italy and Germany. It will surely be a tough fight! It's a meetup of bright young stars like Ronaldo and Rooney! It's a real tough but interesting and a must watch match!!

My Comment :: I was grown up watching those english playing football, and of course I'm siding to people that I'm used to. Portugal is a worth being respected team but they can be defeated if the English maintain their top form as they played against the Croatia. Me thinks that, the current England is much better than the team beaten by Brazil by 2-1 in Shizuoka. The English men are no longer depending on the long and high ball to drop into the penalty area, this time if they had the ball, they'll keep the ball and move it around. Portugal is not left out in making move to improvise their team. Combination of stars like Figo, Gomez and Ronaldo will surely promising something amazing to watch!

And I bet on England 3 - Portugal 1. It's a high risk bet but it's better to see England out at the early stage rather than nervously waiting for England's next game. I'll be watching the game somewhere in Sunway Tonite.. Cya there then...

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