June 22, 2004

Euro 2004 :: Victory for England & France

The Differences :: Do you know why sometimes, matches are aired in different channel even though the matches are at different times? OK. It goes like this. In Malaysia, there are 2 channels were given the rights to air the EURO 2004 matches, that are TV3 and 8TV. The more favourable is aired in TV3 with better commentators such as Sherkawi Jirim and Shebby.. The 8TV is totally sucks.. They aired unfavourable match, which they think that it will get lower rate of audience compared to the other one, (I guess just to the Malaysians onry) and the commentators were as sucks as what they commented. They commented the game just like they have been doing this commentating business for so long.

Why I think 8TV sucks? :: 8TV is a kewl channel anyway. I love 8TV's programme much much more than the programmes in TV3 channel. Anyway, the commentators sucks. I guess, maybe because we are so used to the commentaries by the Brits, they seems so formal, and to commentaries by Rahim Razali, Hasbullah Awang, that seems to be looking professionally done, and heard formal. Especially in the discussion pre, between and post game.. the 8TVs panel and discussion are totally sucks! And u should hear how I commented on England game last nite.

As Expected :: Malaysian will favour the England vs Croatia game. Why? It's either they like England or dislike England. The factor why the other game was not so favoured to be watched was, what ever result comes out, France will still qualify, at least at the second place even tho they lose the game. England and Croatia are both in critical needs to qualify to the quarter final, which England would just need to draw the match, while Croatia must win the game in order to qualify for the next round.From the Chart :: As we can see now, even though England position is higher than the Croats, they really need to win this game as they're not supposed to lose to the Croats. In fact, they will just need to draw. Anyway, if they draw, if the Swiss win, Swiss will go definitely as they win 1, and draw one. This will much complicating the position, as three team win one, draw and lose one. Let us just simulate the match result, which England draw with Croats and France defeated by the Swiss..Simulated :: This is the simulated result if England and Croats draw by Nil all and Swiss defeated France by 3-0. But the France-Swiss result is 75% in probability impossible.

The Game :: Let us concentrate on England-Croatia game as I was watching the game last morning. I was so mad at England as the Croats scored their 1st goal as early as the 5th minutes through Niko Kovac's goal which resulted from the mistake A. Cole made when he's supposed to secure the ball but instead he kicked it towards the goal keeper. James did a good job by quickly reflecting to the ball coming but the slow defenders of England to clear up the ball has causing Niko Kovac to push the ball into the goal using his left leg. That was a bad & stupid mistake!

Afterwards :: I was becoming so mad, as the England played so badly. Bad in positioning.. Beckham was like there for nothing.. and i started to swear towards England players as they play so badly, everything seems to be going wrong, and we started to wonder why Beckham is there, why is he the captain of the team. The game carries on with a lot of attacks from the Englunds. Butina saved a lot of tries until at the 40th minute, where Lampard successfully passed the ball to Owen for finishing but the ball bounced back to Rooney where he headed to the right where Scholy is waiting and headed dramatically into the net and drew the level of the position.

Rooney's :: In added time, Rooney did a 22-meter-score to change the leader of the game role to England. It was a fine pass from Scholes move. In the 68th, Owen's move enable Rooney to score his 2nd goal of the game and were swapped out later. Same goes to Scholes.

Less interesting :: I don't know why but I felt so sleepy after the 3rd goal of Englund. Well, a sudden, shocking, shot and simple goal caused from a free kick, headed by Tudor but they've never celebrate it as they need to work faster to get more goals. Lampard has totally denied the Croats dream to qualify for the next round in the 79th minutes as he scored and later swapped out by Phillip Neville; and the score remains till the end of the game. 4-2.

The French :: They win by 3-1. First French goal scored by Zidane and the rest by Henry.. at last he scored, as he's complaining he has never get a chance to score. The single goal by the swiss, not that important but i'm telling ya, it's one of the best goal, out of one of the best move in the nite's game. Well it change nothing to the position but compliments are mandatory. I really appreciate th goal, as the move seems to be fooling all the defenders of the French.Final Position :: So here is the final post of each team in Group A & B. As scheduled, the Winner of Group A (Portugal) will be meeting the 1st Runner up for the Group B (England) on the 24th June. The Winner for Group B (France) will be meeting the first Runner up for Group A (Greece) on the 25th June.

Match Tonite :: Italy vs Bulgaria and Denmark vs Sweden. See u there tonite. I'll be maybe somewhere in USJ, Sunway or Concorde tonite. Just to enjoy the heat as the other were doing. Cya there!!!

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