June 9, 2004

Quite boring isn't it?

Moondaeg :: Work.. as usual.. after work.. went back home.. then went out.. see Bob, took the car from him.. had talk and drinks.. then went back home.. and slept..

Tousedae :: Do installation.. my pc was virused!!!! Heck!!! Do murex installation on the other pc with Yann... Work and get bored easily..somewhere in the afternoon i went out with my boss to JAWI, as he's picking up some official letters from there... sent him to sungei besi as he is picking up his car, he sent to service. I then, was about to get back to the office.. but later.. i think I wanna go somewhere else.. Bukit Bintang.. While driving.. the air cond was not working very well in the traffic jam... so i opted to wind down the windscreen.

In Bukit Bintang :: get in.. and.. oh shit.. my windscreen cannot get up.... I'm so nervous and sweaty.. then Itried to pull the windscreen up manually. gosh.. all my fingers are dirty with black sticky rubber, that's used to stick the transparent plastic to the inner side of your door, where the windscreen and it's motor reside... lastly, I decided to just leave the car like that.. i know there's nothing in the car and hope I can see my car in one piece when I get back to the car...

Shoe Store :: I straight away went up, as I was looking for a futsal bag.. was looking at one.. and wanted to buy but then it has to be taken from the store... so I went to the toiletto wash my hand.. now it looks much better.. went back to the store.. get my bag and pay for it.. then walk out the store.. went to a handphone accessory store abd bought the original cover for my old handphone..

Kg. Baru :: As i think i should fix the window first, i called my sister's bf, pye.. he asked me to come over to his office in Kg. Baru.. and I've to wait for him.. and later he come out.. and again i've to wait for the guy who'll be doing my car.. we went in to his office and talk talk talk talk....

Talk what :: We talk about the business we're gonna do soon.. now only I know he's gonna open a jamming studio.. just like me.. and we were discussing on opening a futsal/youth center as well.. we'll see...

Office :: Then I get back to the office.. reading emails and try to solve the virus problem in my pc. read the instruction.. and did it.. so i rushingly went back home as was going to futsal...

Futsal :: Yay!!!.. just 11 of us.. play it hard man!!... was a few times attacking the opposing team and scored.. i was so happy!!.. feel like a star!!!! had supper.. with farok, wira and hemsem.. and went off to KLSentral ans Tasha asked me to fetch her and take her home.. went back home... take bath.. and sleep...

Today :: I come to work.. with this one hope.. I just want to be happy... i just hope i can maintain this happiness and guts through out the day.. now I'm chatting with Lysa, lisa and ailina.. was talking about happy things.. and happy again.. i just wanna be this happy .. this is kinda cute heh.. hahah!

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