February 4, 2005

My mom and I...

As I was watching the TV, it's airing a movie starred by the 'BENNIFER', (Ben Afflleck and Jenifer Lopez). They were quarelling in the movie and now they are history, as Jennifer get married to someone else.

The point is, as I saw they quarelling, I was actually had a big quarrel with my mom today.

It was about the house I've rented to a son of my father's friend, based on trust, I'd never have any paper for that rental. My bad, they've always delayed the rental payment and caused so much trouble to me. I've myself went down and begged for the delayed payments of 2 months in October, and they've never paid. I've asked them to empty the house so I can rent it out to other people.

Out of nowhere, a concert was held there last night, to the shock of the agent I've asked to manage the process of getting a new tenant. As she was shocked, I was deadly shocked and terribly mad as this is really too much! Up to now, they've been living there for free for 6 months. GOSH!

I'm trying to sort things out by calling the agent and planned of what to be done. Everything seemed to be fine till my mom called me in the office and relate the incident of me asking the tenant out with the 'cold' relationship of the father's friend to our family,

I was so far had never been triggered this much, I was so mad at her and I yelled at her. F*ck, I've been so terribly rude and f*ckin ridiculous. I felt too bad about it, I did mistakes at the workplace as this thing had really affected me (gosh, i've never been this disturbed even if I had big fight with my girlfriend).

Mom is the most precious thing in the world, I just can't wait to get back home and apologize.

I know she'll be fine, I was home, went sraight to my room, bathed, and went to sleep. Then I went out, chit chat with my mom, and I apologize, as no one was there, my father and my bro went for his next bee sting treatment.

And yeah, I'll still have to listen to her mumbles and nags, but the most important thing is, I can have and talk to my mom as usual, and do things she always wanted me to do for her.

I love her so much, and tonite I realized again that she likes Siti Nurhaliza so much. I didn't expect her to turn to channel MTV, as MTV is having the MTV award show, we heard that Siti is going to perform in the MTV Award show! Kewl.

As I was having a long phone conversation, I passed the 10 o'clock time and when I went out, it's just a programme airing the nominated songs for the award. So no Siti Nurhaliza for her tonite. I asked mom, won't u like to go for her concert, as it touched my heart (again), she won't go as she dislikes the noise, with TV, she can control the volume up and down, and most importantly, my father won't go.

This may sound so ridiculous that, how I wish I can get married to Siti so that she will sing to my mom just anytime my mom likes to.

JUST FOR MY MOM, because I'm in love with someone else...

But then I'm so in love with my mom so much much more!


The ART :: Apologize!

The state of the ART :: Nothing to lose. Some people would hate if someone keep apologizing but for me, it's really hurt to see someone you love hurted. People will tend to 'fireback' when you apologize, but if you can let your ego to apologize, why can't you just keep quiet for a few minutes of 'fireback'. At least u've apologize, and if possible with someone you love should u say, "I'm sorry and I love you so much!"

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