February 9, 2005

Happy Chinese New Rooster Year

First of all, I would like to greet everyone, especially chinese, a very happy and prosperous chinese new year!!!!!

I was so glad, to be in a country with a lot of such festivals. A few weeks ago, Hari Raya Haji.

Been so bz for the last 5 days. U know, 12.30am in JB, 3.30am in melaka and 6.15am back in JB. I was diving all the way. The whole saturday I was flat on my bed till 10am.

And my sister brought me the New Digi Prepaid Simpack, which is bought in KL using KL number. So now I'm using 3 mobile lines, Maxis, Celcom and Digi. I'll provide you people with the Digi phone number at the right bar of this page later. Haha!! This is just hillarious. I sen persms!!!!!

Later I went shopping and bought myself a pair of boots, with iron-strengthen head. It was kewl man. I hit the floor with it and the floor broke!

So at night, as usual took my bro to the bee sting treatment. There were times, when I enjoyed watching him suffer and I just laugh. But mostly, I was scared if anything bad will happen to him.

Sunday, went to supermarket. Took my mom and sister to the shopping mall, Plaza Pelangi, and I bought myself a pair of running shoes. Yahoo!. I can start jogging tomorrow.

Monday, was watching the workers packing the scraps properly and get home jogging, went sleep early, and forgotten to remove my lense.

So tuesday, my eyes were aching really badly, i pushed myself to go to work, and went swimming after work. At nite, drove the family back to Seremban and was having fun at home. Everyone is here.. haha.. so happy i am.

And to all muslims, tomorrow is Awal Muharram. I'm going to the mosque afterwards...

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