February 16, 2005

Dinner for two???

What would be happier than being with someone u really love?

I'm not that pretty sure but I would say pumpin up my adrenaline by high revving my car's engine on the street would make me crazily maddy happy.


Be at home, tease my lil Farah till she cries.

The actual reason is, I love both my car and Farah.

What else in the world would make me smile?

I would say, watching Stephen Chow Sing Chi's Movie or all the phreakin funny series on TV.

Everyone would have their very own kind of happiness. I have mine. Even a simple thing, you wouldn't even think of it, would make me happy.

I was watching Friends. It's quite saddening to see your close friends, or even ur ex lover seeing someone. And also irritating at some points.

Worse, when I talk about someone fessed to me, thanx for the joy i could feel from far, just because someone we do not know doing that, people are telling me I'm such a lucky guy what so ever.. What if I say, it was Britney Spears.. or Angelina Jolie or.. oh yeah I like Hillary Duff so much.. or JLo.. You would say I'm just a nuts.. a dreamer...

Does it really necessary to describe two people went out for a late so called 'Valentine Dinner' as in a relationship?

In fact I did.. err last nite.. hahahaha!

(even though I am, or we are, not in a relationship, I'm more than happy.. at least)

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