February 24, 2005

Are we all born crazy?

Have u ever heard someone talking but he or she was alone all the way? Or, have u ever talk to yourself so loud without realizing it might be heard or was already heard by someone else?

I was always teasing my lil sister Farah as nuts! As I was always finding her playing around and talking like there were her friends around. I did asked her not to talk all by herself to herself. What she was always doing was to play roles of 3 to 4 person at once in her conversation, like this evening, when I was watching the TV, she was drawing on her paper and suddenly I heard,


"Yes Farah, owh, u did a very good job on that piece of paper.."

"Yeah Farah, I do like your drawings!"

"Thank y'all, i can teach y'all how to draw like me"

So guess, how many roles were there, at least three roles, herself, her teacher and her colleague. All by herself, while drawing something unidentified object on that sheet of paper. Hahaha..!

I just wonder why myself was a lil bit of uncomfortable with surroundings, with my ownself, with just everything in the world, and I found myself was talking to myself for so long when I was busy filling in my free time playing the spider solitaire in the office.
fThen I asked myself, am I crazy too?

Nah, let's just watch the American Idol. Everyone seems to be a singer nowadays, agree?

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