February 20, 2005

Life is...

I went to work today and i'd finished all my stalled lousy job. Be home, slept and went jogging to Hutan Bandar.

For dinner we just had salad I made myself. Simple and easy but caused me to be farting all the time and it stinks big time!! Yucky!!

Watched TV, and it was a movie about someone who married two girls and once. It was ridiculously unacceptable at first but the movie is just too good in claiming sympathy form the audience... and I wished that I could marry two girls at once and live as harmony as they did.. hahahaha.. my wish...

Then I watched one of the most beautiful movie I've ever known, again this time. The Phenomenon. Starred by my favourite dude, John Travolta. The movie is so beautiful. It carries life values, about how we people should feel and think about life. About we have things which is u think is good for everyone and u wanted to share it badly.

Told ya, life is about sharing...

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