February 4, 2005

It was such a hectic day.

Reached office late got a call mentioning a delivery is coming. Helped with unloading the metals, went to had my breakfast and chit chat. Ah Tee came and hand me a bundle of cash to pay the things we bought.

The best was, I drove the 3 tonne lorry all by myself. My bad, I missed my jumaat prayer.

Unloaded the empty container, hand the customer the cash, signed few documents and we drove away. Reached at another place and we are going to transport mostly 10 tonne of scrap metals. 2 trip of a 1 tonne and 3 tonne lorry.

As we reached the office, I was busy unloading and preparing documents. Later on we've had meeting. Drove off the office and headed for dinner together with all the colleagues.

9.30 I reached home and enthusiastically, took bath and ready for a drive back to Melaka tonite.

But my mom asked me to get a rest.

Yeah now, I'm resting and i'm tired. It was different when i was not ready tp get a rest. I was so energetic.

And I've the so-waited call everyday now. Guess, I'm just more than happy about it...

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