February 4, 2005

I'm sharing and mind to share anything you would?

This is just so un'me' but I just have time to write few blogs at once rather than writing blogs everyday...

At last, after being in JB for about more than a month, I went out with Adzni, a son of my father's friend, as he just moved to JB, TONITE!

But someone gets so disturbed, when adzni called, as I was having a phone conversation. Good sign, but hard for me to accept such doubt, as we're so distancely parted. I'm in a wait and look state, not like some people who can easily WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). Let's see whether it's really worth the wait..!

Now, I'd love to share a few things I've read and thought of, but this is so incrediblious, at least to me...

Bloggervation :: Think of suffercation, reservation, it can be an adjective and a noun. It's an adjective when we describe tha hardships of doing blogging, like problem with the server, lost of ideas, lost of the content and worst, you lost everything u've submitted as the connection with the server was truncated (and this is why I've always write everything in the notepad first!). Noun when we describe about, the experience itself, eg; I'm so used of bloggervation, especially when dealing with the truncated data.... argh... what ever..

Blogskrieg :: just like blitzkrieg, I don't know what does it mean or what it's supposed to mean, i just thought about it.

Blogatomy :: This sounds kewl right? What does it supposed to mean? Anatomy of blog?

Bloggazoid :: Haha, phreakzoid, bloggazoid, hahaha.. it just came crissed through my head.

Those are what I can think of now, till next time.

And the worst news today is that the price of metal dropped 3 times this week, and the prices were half the prices I paid.

Well this is why I miss blogging. I can say things and get a relief. Words heal, uttering words is blessing and posting words to the world is a charm for other people to enlive their dreams, and if you really know what I meant.

Live your dreams your way and who knows, you'll get lucky and something might worth the wait and patience.

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