February 12, 2005

A visit to Melaka!

So, two celebrations in a row, and I was doing fine at home.

After getting few hundreds of Ang Pows (walla, thank god) yesterday, i was settling up the problems of the house i've rented out. That stupid tenant hasn't paid 5 months of rental.

And today, I went out, to Melaka.

Out at 9.35am, back in home at 10pm.

We went to KLIA, bought tickets, and drove down to melaka, to MMU, I went to Friday prayer (alhamdulillah) and MMU is still reading two languages of khutbah, first in malay and second in english.

Lunch at the lovely Warung Anda in Ayer Keroh.

Then to Banda Hilir, Mahkota Parade, sitting on the couch and enjoying ice blendeds in the newly opened Starbucks. Went shopping, bought a pretty dress at the EIC, a few cute pillows and 5 newly picked roses.

Went to Pdg Pahlawan, to the St. Paul, ride the Trishaw (Beca) took pictures and then headed home..

On the way back, I bought the Banana Royale at the Baskin Robbin with the best mixture, the Butter Pecan and Strawberry Kids.

I was smiling and thankful all the way back home, for this precious outing. And I've said and done what i wanted to.

I've never been this happy for so long..

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