March 1, 2005

The police chased me?

Hahaha.. I was just laughing when it comes to my mind.

For the first time in my life, the police chased me all the way, for about 4-5 kilometers, and I did not realize it at all!

I'm always driving like a maniac, all the time, but this time with a purpose; i wanted to go back as soon as possible as it's already 6++ pm so I've gotta rush for prayers and jogging.

I was vtec'ing all the way, from the skudai highway, i turned left to Taman Impian Emas as the traffic is much lighter so i can speed all the way.

Without my knowledge, a radio car followed me, but out of my curiosity, if happen they chased me, they should put the siren on. That's why i was just driving as fast as possible, as usual, haha.. so i can get back home on as soon as possible.

Then I turned to Kempas, and drive slowly as the traffic was heavy there. My stereo was so loud so I was busy singing the songs.

When the traffic is a bit ease, i sped up, which suddenly I noticed lights flashing behind me, so i think the car wants a pass so i moved to the right but it was a radio car and they asked me to pull over..

I told myself, wah, this is big, what's my fault now? Speeding?

I switched off the radio, and get out of the car. Both officers came out and asking why am I so fast? they asked whose car was I driving too?

I told them, I'm rushing for prayers and i'm out to jog later on, and it is my car. They asked for my ID and license. I've added that the dirts was all over my body and need a clean up, and it really takes time.

"U better tell me, do u hide anything from us? Do u take any 'thing' with you?"

"No I don't."

"U were from Taman Impian Emas right? We saw u speeding like mad."

"Yeah, I need to be home early. I was from Taman U, paying my customers."

"So where do u work?"

I told them what am I doing, where is the office and so on. One of the office get into my car and started to search in my car and asking me to be tellong them frankly if I really had hide anything in my car. I said negative.

"U better tell me, if u have anything or I'll check your car thoroughly!!!!" he tried to threaten me.

At this moment, i thought that he was thinking that i might be taking illegal things with me, like drugs, or stolen things or whatsoever.

"It's your call, if u think u have to, please do so"

"Alright, open your trunk"

They search all over my trunk and asking about the absorber in my car? In my mind, why do I have to be asked about my own things? I look like a stupid joker standing by the roadside and I heard a voice from one of the passing car saying, "the police must be looking for drug or something..."

Dammit, I knew it then. Then i watched them as to worry if they are going to frame me up. But then nothing was found, and I do think they are not going to frame me unless to get some 'ang-pow' for any wrong thing i'm doing. I can see it obviously then.

They said ok and allowed me to leave. We shaked hands and I say sorry and thanx.

Well, I'm quite embarassed with the incident (with all the people passing by), but it was still okay, as I was not to be framed up.

Caution to people out there ::

1. When u're facing this kind of situation, you have to be very careful, kewl, calm and relaxed. Please check if they are a real police or not. In my case, they were in the radio car, so it's okay.

2. U might be framed for having drugs or what ever. This was once happened to one of my friend, who used to be in street racing, he wasn't trafficking any drugs but in a road block, the police stopped him and made a search to his bike and suddenly found a few tubes of drugs. Instead af being alleged in street racing, he was now suspected for having drugs with him.

By the way, he fought and he won the trial. His urine test was negative. He was asked by the lawyer, before the raid was carried out by the police, has he checked out their hands? He didn't so y'all, be careful, do not let the police simply raid your car and claiming to find drugs in your car. It's in your hands..

Well, I just wonder, where does the police got the drugs to frame the folks?

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