March 18, 2005

Hehe, me blogging now..

I'm still topping the search for 'Izham' in google.

In Yahoo, search for izham return nothing of myself except for my Personal Information at advogato at 4th, search for 'izham blog' will return my blog at the second.

When the website was still being maintained by Amstek, search for Izham will return my articles from there.

But what will happen if you search for "Rosmanizam Dali" on google or yahoo.

They will only return result of my blog, and that's how a friend of her, inaz@haslinaz, contacted me to track her down and, they should be calling each other by now.

I'm proud of it.

About my work in here, haha, the partner that was pretty boiled up with me is still angry with me, for what reason, which I think asking for the reason of why he raised he voice over me has caused him to be supermad at me. I was asking him in a very nice way, but in return, he yelled and #$%^&* at me..

That's the reason why I was so sad, depressed, bla bla, and no mood either to write blog entries.

So i work as usual, for the past 4 days, i came to work and later got myself pissed off by the anooying lectures, and get back to work, with a blur and unhappy face, even my lorry driver, Ah Sam, noticed about it, but he just asked me to 'buat bodo'.

Today's different. I come to the office, settle all the office thingy, and as usual for this week, i was 'annoyed' again by him and later get check for the payments. Went to the bank, and get back to office, but this time, he started to talk nicely, maybe i'm too soft on him but i think everybody whould be given a chance, he thinks he's giving me a chance to prove, (i proved i'm good, it's just that i'm the kind who wouldn't listen to everything without asking)

I went to Tebrau, Senai, and Extra. Completed my registration to apply for Timber licenses.

And today I'm writing this blog. I really want to and miss it too. The fact was, i don't really have the time to write into my blog, even to go for jogging, i'm not able to spare my time for it.

So afterwards, I'm to jog! Bye2!!!!!!

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