March 15, 2005

I'm getting old fast..

My earth has not been movin' since the last 4 days (friday, saturday, sunday, monday, yeah 4 days). The humiliation resulting from what had happened to me is something like, what goes around comes around. I've been such a jerk for a very long time and i will ensure that i'm not gonna do the same thing again and again. I tend to repeat the same mistakes, over and over again.

Is it me? Turning to be over sensitive over things said, over the things happened, even on TV? I spent my whole after work time in front of the TV today, starting from watching the a family chinese movie on star movies, madeline on cinemax and then summerland on NTV7. The girl in the chinese movie were jst like my lil sister, Farah. She's wearing spectacles, the way she talk, the way she spoilt herself in front of everybody else. Ah, I miss her so much.

I was about to cry for joy when Madeline had done something really good for her small 12-student school. I shouted for joy when at last, the family af Ava the aunt, is becoming to be something kewl.

I'm just so sleepy now..... a sign of getting old too i guess....

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