March 29, 2005

My Extended Weekend!!!

For the whole week, I can't wait for Saturday. I'm supposed to be going to Melaka to manage the new tenant of my house and then go up to KL, to see people i missed a lot!

I tend to finish my job quick on Saturday so that I can get moving to KL as soon as possible. I've made a few arrangement of a lotsa things, people to do biz, people I wanna see, so that this visit would be a full blown visit, no wasted time, I can enjoy the visit at its fullest!

I've been doing some extra side work, just to get more money to support myself to have joy in KL. I did collect boxes from the factories in the last Wednesday till Friday, together with my driver, Samsuri, we manage to get ourselves a sum of around RM400++ each. Well, I'm gonna spend it in KL.


Well, it's always didn't work as what I expected. Both my appointment was cancelled for an unacceptable reason! They've forgotten.

Should I be or should i not be mad?

Especially when they've really push me to come over to KL to see me and do things but when I reached there, they simply say, I've forgotten about it, sorry!


There're always other good people to see. First I took Azreena (now i'm spelling it right), a simple charming girl who I'd really love to go out with, for a late dinner in Chili's Mid Valley. If not that she's about to be having exam, I'm surely would ask her for a movie.

Sent her back, then I went for a coffee with Haza in Seri Kembangan. It was late then I went back to sleep!


Breakfast and long morning talk with Ija, one of the nicest girl on earth! Planned for Karaoke in KTV Bangsar with Hemsem, Cop, Farok, Romdzi and today, for the first time, my brother Iwan was in!

It was a long one, exactly 12.00 to 4.00, for around RM14.00 each, we enjoyed karaokeing + buffet lunch in a room! As usual! Then we go 'jalan-jalan' in Bukit Bintang, Sungai Wang. We played games, as usual, I would fancy Daytona and we're all there just to watch Iwan made the record of the day at the punching machine game!

Then we went Yong Tau Foo near Ampang Point! Then to Munir's house, I slept for a while there. Hemsem was having something going on with Munir. Then, sent 'em back and i went back home sleeping. It was early! 12.30!


Woke up really late, 11.30 and i straight away go to plaza pantai, just to try my luck for anyone that would be there. Washed my car, it was lousy and so dirty! Then we went for a movie in Mid Valley with Romdzi!

We watched HITCH! It was hillarious! I can't stop laughing and smiling. The movie was sweet! As sweet as a sugar. Will Smith was so so so sweet. So did the other actors inside there.

Watching Hitch was like reading a CLEO magazine for me. Now I know how.. hahahah! I'm so long not a PLAYER!

Then I had tea and long talk with Romdzi. And the day has been so long, and I actually had to go back to JB. Went to Ulu Klang and see Erein, to get my handphone back from her and then I fetch Kak Zi for a dinner.

Kak Zi, a gorgeous lady at the age of 32 with 4 kids. She looks like a 24/25 years old. She's a good friend of mine, just like a sister, as I myself don't have one. We spent our time with talks and talks. You know, I've been working so hard and have less talk, not like the days in EDS so now I just wanna talk, talk and talk!

Sent her back, and I drove myself back to JB. A very long 3 hours of driving. I departed at 10.30 from Desa Pandan (hei I was there the night before), 11.00 at the Kajang Toll (to save toll fees hehe), stopped twice for solat and refueling and i reached the key at my door around 1.30.

I was fast! Now i'm back working!

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