March 8, 2005

A True Beautiful Mind i treasure....

One of the reason why sometimes I do think I shouldn't have gone to KL is because, I can't afford to see everyone. Had a lot of things to do. I would need a week break to see everyone in KL, ya know.. -sigh-

Just back from outing, sending forms here and there, paying the customers and lunch at home.

I was amazed, truly excited and grateful after reading someone's blog with a true beautiful mind, someone I knew very well, and I was laughing reading at 'em. It's really that person talking from the heart out to the mouth, as I used to hear from day to day.

I've to agree that our needs and desire judgemental become pickier, day to day.

And i just can't find anyone else, having a mind, as beautiful as that someone i know.

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