March 4, 2005

Eyesore, why today?

It's been so long without the eye sore. Not to say i miss it but i hate it. It just happened that for the past 2 days, i had to cancel jogging because it was raining.

Wednesday night, my father mad at me for a small reason, i ate up the balance of the Farah's chocolate.

On which hurt me so much, i think i'm just getting older. Getting to be more sensitive, but I can just smile when my mom scolded me. Why?

Yesterday, i took rice for the first time after 5 days, the last time i eat rice was on the last Saturday when I attended Baha's wedding. It was Nasi Goreng Pattaya.

Last nite, we went out for dinner. I know my father cannot stand eating fibres, everyday. Last nite, he ordered nan with chicken tandoori, chapati, rojak..

And today, I've got an eyesore. Holy f*ck!

Happenings around me ::

1 :: A friend is battling with problem of two of her family members is now hospitalized.
2 :: Another friend is having a low self-esteem problem, which she is so scared to send an ice-breaker sms to her crush.
3 :: Another friend has just broke off with her boyfriend.
4 :: Another friend left her boyfriend after he was caught red handed kissing with another girl in a car.
5 :: Another friend is now high with love, but she's trying to test whether the guy is falling for her too.
6 :: Another friend, who is engaged for 4 years, is struggling to maintain the relationship.
7 :: Another friend is paranoia for nothing, who had just settled her C++ problem when she smsed me last nite.
8 :: I've a friend who is now considering in every aspects to be a Moslem. Her intention was since her schooltime and now she's trying to put it into paper and realize it.
9 :: A friend who was trying to get back to KL from Genting at nite just because of her friend quarrelled with the bf. I managed to persuade her not to as it's too dangerous, and she has no driving license!
10 :: A friend who admitted she gonna get married this June
11 :: Another who's gonna get married next week.
12 :: A friend who thanxed me gratefully for accompanying his and his wife visit to JB during Baha's marriage.
13 :: An ex boss who is in singapore, who always not forgetting me. Always. Wish Ye-Yann is there too, surely they'll come visit me in JB.
14 :: A lovely friend who went back to Alor Setar after her visit to Singapore and keep updating me where she is, haha...!
15 :: A crazy friend who is willing to take a day leave and come to JB just to experience driving a forklift. This is really crazy!!!

It's really hard to get new friends at a new place.

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