March 9, 2005

Great news of today (and pretty bad thing too)

Amazing, incredible, unbelievable!!!

Those are the words i spitted when i saw the news on the front page of the local newspapers.


Amazing Amalina: Extraordinary effort from an ordinary schoolgirl

That's the great news for today....

After so long, i'd been doing quarrelling and arguing over the phone. It's not easy when i'm trying to talk but the other side just put the phone off, and when i called back, it was just left rang without being answered.

I called Gee over this problem. It's been so long till i've no idea on how to handle it, even before, i was braindeadly handling it. It's my weakness, which i'm trying to overcome, from time to time.

I'm very bad at words I guess. Everything said seems to be so wrong.

The main thing is, i'd never had such kind of harsh interaction with the otherside. I was amazingly surprised with the behaviour, as i do believe i'm dealing with a much more matured human for the age of 21.

I'm worried of what would happen next. Not about the bond of the relationship but what would the otherside do, resulting out of the problem, the otherside is facing.

I slept with worries. I knew it when i put my left hand over my forehead.

Even though i smiled at 4 something in the morning when i read an sms saying sorry, and i knew that the otherside was also worried in case of i'm mad by sending a sorry sms again at 7.30, i'm much more worried.

I'm no good in understanding a lady by their talking, especially on the phone. I knew a woman like to be let go, but in certain circumstances, when i let her go their ways, i'm accused for ignoring and uncaring.

I know that there are certain limits of letting go and not to let go but it has not been clearly determined, yet.

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