March 19, 2005

Ironic of stupidity and...

I've a brother.. he's just a year younger than me. After graduating from MMU (Last Year), he has been longing for job, and it's been nearly a year of him jobless...

My father, is a pretty straight and sometimes he tends to do stupid things for laugh too..

And my brother, has just got a job at Jaring, as a sales executive. By the way, he's also interested to be in the police squad.. (hmm i remembered someone told me she wanted to be a policewomen hehe.. )

So, as to get in the police squad, the applicants should get every important documents ready. My brother lost his birth certificate, but a compliment should be given to him as he manage to get it back in one day, which normal process would require 15-30 days.

He lost almost all of his certificates (this is stupidity), but he manage to get 'em back in his file.

And all of the certificates should be certified as true copy by a government officer. When everything is ready, he piled everything in a plastic bag and handed it to my father to be brought back to JB to be certified by one of his colleague.

Even there are so many certificates to be certified, the officer take his time to look at 'em one by one until he reached to a piece of paper, it does really looked like a certificate, with a border, and written in JAWI :

"Selawat ke atas Nabi Muhammad bla bla bla...."

in english : "salawat upon nabi muhammad bla bla bla"

It was not really a certificate, but it was a piece of paper with some information on it, so the officer asked my father whether he has to certify it or not, as father my father look at it, they laughs crazily at the office and my father just asked the officer to certify it.

It was when we're in Seremban today, my brother was getting everything to be orderly prepared. Then my mom was browsing through all the papers and when she saw the same thing, she showed it to everyone of us. I was laughing, spreading all over the floor, thinking of why my father let the officer to sign such a paper.

The best thing was, when i see a paper titled "Panduan Mengisi Borang Permohonan" (Guideline to fill in the application form) was also being certified as true copy.

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