March 29, 2005


12:30 :: Earthquake!

Again? Heard it on TV3, it was 8.7 on Richter scale. That was big, even not as big as the previous earthquake that caused the destructive Tsunami, it was still big. Our country which is not belong to the Earthquake and Volcanoes line, a few places was reported to feel the quake. My sister back in Kajang, who was studying in her apartment felt dizzy after the quake and all other people was rushing down to the land.

I was driving so fast on the highway, maybe I can't feel it at all!

7:30 :: A good friend of mine, Shahrul Fitri Abdul Hadi is now a father after his wife gave birth to a baby boy this morning.

He sent me a message, I'm already a papa, when is ur turn?


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