January 23, 2005

Happy birthday..!!

It's for me and my very good buddy Romdzi. We are sharing the same BIRTHDAY, 23 January 1977.

Me and Romdzi, in an independence day celebration on 31st August 1996 in ITTM Melaka. I was the parade commander.

I won't put the latest picture of Romdzi as he is 4 times the size u see in the picture.

I'm happy.. today.. really..

Lotsa people wished me, including special few people whom i waiting for, they even wait 4 the moment of 12 o'clock just to call me and sing the happy birthday song. Sms keeps coming in.

The best thing is, I actually forgotten to expect birthday wishes from my family members, except for Ina who hugged me last nite and wish me a happy brithday. My mom angrily asked me to get a bath as it's already 11 o'clock. Ya know, holidays, what's the purpose of bathing.. hahaha.

Out of the bathroom, wore my tees and my father shouted my name. Haha.. a birthday cheese cake for me, with THREE big candles!!! haha.. they're making fun of me again.. thirty?? i'm 28 lah!

I lighted the candles and Farah blows 'em, hmm just like someone i knew very well, indeed she is.

And I'm taking this chance to also wish happy birthday to all my other friends who were born in January, Ezlin(2), Eric('8'), Sally(13), Suzanne(16), Lim Jan Nee(22), Yassin Salim(22), Anis(30) and Rizal (31). All of us are now 28 except for Anis, 27 .

Thanx to fi^girl, tasha, rina, julie, bob, fazrina, NJ, lala, rynn, ija, sheyna, lina, aida, maria, aniza, ailina, Wan Nadz, fiona and all other people I can't mention in here, for all your wishes. I really appreciate, happy and thankful for it.

And I learnt a lesson too, memorizing and wishing people birthday is a very good thing to do. Why? Try it!

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