January 5, 2005

New Year :: 3rd January

It's a new beginning....

So on this day, I'm supposed to be doing my new job but, instead, I've got another job.

As Farah is just getting to standard one, I'm to be sending and fetching her from school starting from that day.

So Monday, I was just at home. I started to work on the next day :: Tuesday..

Went to the new office, meeting with partners and discussing about what to be done next.

Wednesday, I went out to look for forms and places for opportunities. I fixed my car as well. My ride height is a bit higher. Guess, I need to respray my front bumper. Just buy a can of black spray and fix it. It would be fine.

I'm bored, tired and haven't been watching Kungfu Hustle yet.

Maybe tomorrow..

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