May 17, 2005

* wink to my Family *

Hi! It's been no bloggin for 8 days.

At last, Anthony Fedorov has been eliminated from the American Idol, which I was not watching;

Cause the last week's Tuesday I was working like a 'Death Labour', clearing the whole 60 tonnes of Irons in the store to be sold to people. I was doing it since 9 AM in the morning till 6 AM the next morning.

And the next morning, slept at 7 o'clock and woke up at 8.30 went to Kota Tinggi, back to the office at 1, went out to pay the customers and started to clear the Iron Burs (something like dust and small pieces of iron), and worked till late 2 AM in the morning.

I've been so busy thereafter. Wasn't able to write blog after reading my mails. I was always rushing out of the office before that stupid old fella come ruining my day.

And My Sister's birthday (Happy belated birthday adik) was on the last 11th May 2005. She's now 21 years old. And I don't understand why she was hot among her friends. Even an Arab wanted to take her as a girlfriend. Two indians were chasing her like crazy by giving her flowers almost everyday.

What the hell was happening?

The worst was, there's someone who had been so annoying and rude, calling our house (since she changed her mobile's no), introducing himself as Jack and wanted to talk to my sister.

No wonder why her boyfriend was so childish and jealous. And she treat her as bad as I could imagine as a girlfriend. I don;t know, maybe my sister was being childish too, as a girlfriend.

And I was always LOLing, when she was chatting to him over the YM, hahahaha.. You know me.

The best thing to come is, My brother, Iwan is gonna get engaged. The whole Family was so over-excited on this matter. And if it's not because of me, I don't think my brother would be doing this. It was me! haha..

And it was so a 'family' when everyone was busy preparing for the engagement. The last weekend, me, Farah and my parents went back to Seremban.

My mom, Iwan, Ina and Adik went out the whole day of Sunday to buy the things for the preparation of the engagement.

So I was in-charge of cooking the meals for the weekend. My father had the idea of what he's gonna eat that day, and I do the cooking. I do think that my cookings taste funny but my sisters and my mom loved my Sweet Sour Fish and Omelette. I just don't understand, except for the spinach, there were too many soils inside. Haha.

But the rest, especially the rice, was perfect! Just like the way everyone wanted. And no rice-bugs!

And it's really kewl to watch my mom and my father fight or argue over the things to pick for the engagement. I was always laughing at them.

The worst was, I failed in my mission to take someone that is really a someone out :p

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