September 1, 2007

Merdekakah kamu?

That means, you smells bad. Even the monkey ran away.

Hehehe.. Gotcha..

That actually means, are you really free, independent from all kind of colonization.

Sigh, I need 10 more words in english to translate a two word phrase in Malay. My English is still nonethelessly bad.

I have always asked myself, what does independent actually mean to all of us? Malaysia has been colonized by so many people until i do think there are people who were still unaware of that Malaysia once was not even Malaysia.

Tanah Melayu sounds very obsessive. Malaysia makes the same meaning as anything with the suffix 'ia' brought the meaning of land. Like, Australiza, eh silap australia, austria, kampuchea bla bla bla. Malaysia also means Tanah Melayu but, if you suffix an 'l', it will become Malay S**l. Hehehe. No offence eh. Hehehe, fact what?

So we can actually ourselves as an 'AS' as asia is for 'tanah as'. Luckily it was not spelled Assia, which means Tanah Ass. Tanah Bontot.

"Are you assian?" (adakah anda orang tanah bontot?)

"I am an ass" (saya adalah bontot?)

Why not Malayland like the netherland, switzerland, holland, new zealand, swaziland and bla bla bla. It may sounds weird but as the name Malaysia came out, I think a lot of people did think that the name was weird too. Just like us when we heard of the word MalayLand.

Maybe at that time, the word 'Si*l' does not exist yet so they happily accept the name. Very happy until later, the Lion City got to pull themselves off the country as it's the Land of the Malay, not for others.

Worse, they twisted the history to make us look bad. Pity Malaysia.

You may read this as something harm but this is what actually boggling my mind. I've read in a lot of places where people regarded Malaysia and Malaysi*l.

Pathetic. They live in this country but can you please be thankful that you're still alive, can't you guys?

Merdeka right? Lucky you know. You're very lucky. We're very lucky. All of us are.

I know, there's a lot of racist out there but why do you have to? Bear in mind, all we need is to live and let die. All we need is to work and make money. The economy is so bad, why do we have to listen to all the racism hypes.

We're all 50 years being on our own and what we need is to work. Take a far look ahead and think of your future, your anak cucu and your country.

Well, yesterday, when I drove around JB, I saw some Malay chaps shouting Merdeka in a very pathetic manner while being drunk.

I believe they're all muslim...

Sad... Are we really merdeka then?

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