September 24, 2007

Weekly jots.

It seems like i have been updating this blog weekly. Or maybe a few daysly. Hehe.

The thing is that I have been so mobile that I cannot sit and do something properly. Things that I can really do properly is watching TV. I haven't even visited my own office for quite sometimes. Furthermore, there's nothing much there plus i'm so lazy to do things nowadays.

The fact that I've just got myself a newly launched camera, which is a Canon EOS 40D, which is supposed to make me a lil bit happier, as you know, people will get excited as they got new things, I felt nothing.

Last week, I've spent most of my time browsing the photography forums looking for a specific camera lens to be added into my lens collection but good deals are way far from reaching me. Nobody is letting me their lens at good price.

And today I noticed a few things that caused the not-so-smooth traffic flows around JB. Back then, I've always wonder what has caused the traffic so slow even though there's nothing can cause the traffic slow flow.

Case 1

This morning as I was sending my car for some minor repair, I was driving behind a car which the driver was tapping on the brake so many times until I'm not sure when did he/she got the time to floor the accelerator. I overtook the car and I saw a chinese lady driver with her seat pushed to the most front and the distance of her body to the steering is almost none, and it seems like she cannot see the road properly (she was driving a VIOS) as i think she is short too.

The braking-all-the-time is really irritating. She drove slowly on the right lane. I overtook her using the left lane. I followed behind her with the speed of only 40km/h.

Case 2

As I was driving under the perling-pasir gudang flyover bridge, i see a lot of cars slowing down even though there's nothing ahead. The road was clear, not narrowing from 3 lanes to 2, no accident no nothing. As I was driving quite fast (u know me) suddenly i've got to jump om ny brake as all the car in front of me braking for nothing. There's no car at all ahead the car in front of my car (it's clearly visible as I was driving my Nissan Frontier). That was close.

Again I took over using the left lane and see a lady driver again. What's wrong with you people? Are you aware that braking for nothing will risk you being hit by the vehicle behind of you.

Case 3

There's a queue of cars waiting to get into the right junction. The first vehicle was a Perodua Viva driven by a lady, followed by a lorry transporting sand for construction, then a proton saga then me. As the road was as clear as crystal, the perodua viva make its move to the junction and followed by the lorry when all of a sudden the perodua viva braked for nothing and the lorry hitthe perodua viva. The following proton saga was almost being hit by an incoming Pajero and I was lucky for not making my move yet.

When asked, she said, the car moved a bit fast so she braked to slow it down. Then she got hit.

Case 4

I was driving behind a Nissan Sentra, which was driven quite fast. I was driving behind it when unfortunately it was passing a lorry and the brake lamp illuminating a lot of times again. There was no car in front of that Nissan Sentra but the car keep braking and braking until I got fed up and i took over both vehicles using the most left lane. There were already a long queue of vehicle behind my car.

When I passed the car, again it was a lady driver. Again. Apa la yang ditakutkan sangat lalu sebelah lori nih?


What do u think ? Vanish all the lady drivers? Hahahaha.

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