September 10, 2007

A tiring weekend


So that's why today I've just woke up from my long afternoon nap. Budiey expected me to have updated my blog but sorry dude, I'm way too tired of travelling.

I've got to wake up early saturday morning to catch the 6.30 bus and I thought I'm so lucky to be able to ride on a double decker bus. That was my second time. It was nice to sit pretty high but given the last row seat of the bus.

I believe the backache (and the exhaustion) I'm having is cause by the bus.

Time to get rid of my extra fats I suppose. A friend of mine who is slightly lighter than me is now suffering from the, errr.. what they call it, slip disc uh?

Further, the double decker bus was so slow that I expected myself to be able to reach the Serdang R&R by 10.00 AM but it reached there at around 10.30. I was late for the meeting at the Telekom Tower but thank god Elizany was waiting patiently at the R&R while sleeping.

And I've got my first experience in a Proton Tiara. Not bad lah. For me, any car that can actually be driven is good enough. So actually Elizany forced me to drive the car as he was still unable to wake from his booze.

I went with that short meeting (a briefing actually) and went for lunch at the Bangsar. Went home and grabbed Mazuien's car to be driven to Genting.

Why am I going to Genting? I won't go there for nothing. Actually, Budiey had asked me to go with him to Genting for the Anugerah Era 07,and freakingly excited as a photographer, I just said yes and you know how fast I was driving that Perodua Kelisa up to Genting?

I took only 40 minutes to reach the top from KLCC. Hahahaha. Perodua Kelisa rocks. After this I'm gonna try with both my Frontier and Civic. See whether they can beat Kelisa or not.

I was really like 'Unta masuk hutan' when I reached Genting. I don't really know the place and if I'm alone, I'd just went off. Well, we had a nice lunch at the Burger King (thanx to Budiey for your treat). Mahal tu beb. 2 meals at RM32++. Can already have 3 normal meals at the McDonalds downhill.

The thing started with the showcase at around 5 PM and ends at around 630PM. As usual the showcase were normally for the AF grads or new artists. Up to my surprise, Rosma AF is damn thin. I remember last Aznil Nawawi, had by mistake (or intentionally) called her 'Anak Gajah' (Elephant child) in one of the AF concert.

Now, I'm also very well tergoda. Her pictures (lotsa pictures) were all worth keeping and staring at.

Dafi is maybe cute but I think everyone noticed he was way out of tune a lot of time when singing the Dewa song. I've forgotten the song name already. One of my favourite song.

At around 7, Budiey and I went inside the Arena Starts Area waiting for the Green Carpet event after getting my media tag. Kewl eh? Why not red carpet? Don't ask me..

While waiting for the flows of the artists to walk in on the red carpet, Mr. Boogie noticed me and smsed me. Kewl. Nice meeting you dude! He's an Astro guy uh? Hehehehe..

Here are them on the red carpet guys! More updates in my Pojok and Photo Blogs.

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