November 28, 2004

Sesame Street Live!!!

Hahaha.. nothing to do with the topic. I've just got the idea of the title of my blog today from the advertisement on TV just now.

Have not been blogging since the last Thursday. I was just browsed through other people's blog, and it seems that most of the bloggers did not keep on writing except for Leez and Dolly. I love reading dolly's blog. It has always made me laugh to myself. Wira was asking why am I laughing when I read her blog. He should read it himself.

You know, Wira is an innocent guy, unlike me. But he laughed lookin at the pix uploaded by leez on his blog (leez is a transexual so i put as his). I could not imagine if my picture is being put there. Of course people would think that the guy int the picture must have surely 'guna-pakai' leez.. yucks!!

I've been noticing of myself, has always spent my time with my friends in USJ. The place that I used to stay from early 2000 to end of 2001 before I moved to Shah Alam. It's not really a nice place to stay. I could say, the house is not as clean and nice as my current place of stay.

But i liked the feeling being around my friends. Trusted, nice and loving friends. My boss's aunt passed away on wednesday, so he went off early as he is heading back to taiping. He borrowed my handphone and I went off the office to Subang Jaya and had the time of myself to write the previous blog. At nite, I spent the nite with them.

Thusrday, I went to work. It's my bro's first day of working. My boss went in late and to work is not a good idea as he's tired badly. 6.30 from Taiping and 9.30 in KL. That's fast! After work, I fetch my bro, and took him home.

That nite, I went to Desa Hartamas, helping the HCOC preparing for the next exhibition at One Utama. Then to USJ, and on the way back sending my friends home, my car hit something and my left absorder kong'ed. Damn!!

Friday, I didn't go to work, I went to check my car. Nothing's wrong with the arms, just the absorber. So i was calculating the cost and everything. I might not be using the same adjustable shock anymore. It's the cheapest adjustable been heard by people, but, lucky it was cheap. I don't really mind changing it back to the standard shock, but hafta find some cheap alternative for stiffness and cheap labor cost too!!!!

After that, I went off to USJ, and spend my time there. Watching movies. Chit chat, and their streamyx is back to service. I helped Wira develop the Flash invitation card for his weeding. Wanna see? hehe.. I'm not that good though just to meet the purpose of making the Flash card. I was working without Adobe Photoshop so I have no intention to make it so graphically beautiful as all you guys did.

That nite, my bro went off back to Seremban. I managed to watch Young & Dangerous till part 4.

Saturday.. I went to One Utama and just wait at the booth like moron. No chicks at all. It was too hot. Luckily Jasni, another fellow of HCOC was there. I went off to One Utama and jalan-jalan inside. At 4 i took a break and went to Nur Zakri's open house and went back in at 6. Went of at 8 and went to Emma's open house, a friend of Hemsem. Then went back home and slept..

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