February 27, 2006

What's wrong with the govt?

Mood? Blegh. Hell no. Why? More burden and problems. I've been thinking so much for the country i guess? Wei, our country is in a total mess right now, still you can sit and laugh like nothing will happen?

Why the petrol price is increased by 30 sens? That means, my full tank 45 liters per each refill (and 5 liters spare in the tank),

Previously it will cost 45l x RM1.62 = 72.90.

New price 45l x RM1.92 = RM86.4.

A relative increase of RM13.70 of each refill (what?)

So maximumly, i pour in the fuel into my car tank 8 times a month, so there will be an increase of RM13.70 x 8 = RM109.60

That is only on the petrol itself. Consider all the other price raises? Transportation cost? Bus & taxi fares? Workmanship cost? Food? Everything will be increased. This is such a bad inflation. That does not include the Toll increment next year! And do you know that the interest rate is also flying high this year?

What do u mean by such a great economical growth when the inflation is so sky high?

All the of terms and terminologies they created to bluff us with the actual situation.

All they said was, they really hope that the business operators will absorb the cost increment but their salary keep on incrementing year by year. Suck you own d*ck lah.

Why can't you guys yourself absorb the petrol increase by actually cutting your pay into half? Eh, where does the Petronas's profit goes? Petrol price increase, profit also increase right?

Do u know that there are oil producing countries that gave petrol for free to the folks, and they are even richer day by day. Malaysia? Charge the folks for the petrol but we are getting poorer. Sometimes, all these economical theories are useless. They are all made my human, and human does not know everything.

We must do something like, things that Tun Mahathir used to do.

Come out with his own workable theory. Things that will regenerate the economy.

Hmm maybe i should consider doing a new business. Smuggling the petrol. Hei I know how to do that. But surely i'll be caught for becoming hero to the people. Nak jadi hero pun susah. Nak tolong orang lain pun salah. What's wrong with the world now?

Or maybe, malaysians should consider for a change.


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