March 2, 2006

What does the Wah-Wah pedal gotta do with the flood in Shah Alam?

Yesterday, I went out with my brother and his friends (the new futsal buddies in JB) as i promised to one of his friends to help him on getting a good guitar for himself. This time, he's really keen to learn about playing guitar and asked me to become his sifu.

Okay, i've chosen an RM230 guitar for him. It was quite nice, i myself liked the guitar design, and how does it sounds. It was an acoustic guitar, looks expensive with the latest sleek design of the acoustic/electrical deisgn, accept that it comes without the pickup.

Anyway, the one with the pickup wasn't that expensive. The Musical instruments prices had gone down a lot! A Gibson Les Paul Epiphone can be bought at the price of RM1700. That's YUMMY! Hahaha..

I was thinking that might as well i buy something for myself. I've been looking for a baby cry or a wah-wah pedal or i think almost 10 years. I was playing guitar actively since 1992, that was when i was in form 3. At that time, i've totally zero ideas on playing an electrical guitar. I've only got a chance to play the electrical guitar when i was in form 4, when me and a bunch of guitar mates at school went out for jamming. Hell! I was really sucks on the electrical guitar. There's a lot of things to be changed.

After the SPM, i started to go jamming with my brother, actually after once i found out how to play the drums. I played a lof of Metallica and Guns. The only thing was, songs like Sweet Child 'o' Mine and Enter Sandman's guitar solo were using the wah-wah pedal. Since then, i keep telling myself i want to buy myself one!

So yesterday, i did! It was pretty cheap, just RM220, not including the expensive boss adapter that cost me RM60, 1st to 3rd string of Ernie Ball's strings that cost me RM7.50 and a 10 feet auido cable that cost me RM15.

When i get back home, i tried it. Hmm. It doesn't really sound like how i want it but i already know how to make use of it. Sweet child 'o' Mine and Enter Sandman! Both of you are just a piece of cake! Hehehe..

It sounds like a pro. Professional ok, not Progoal! Hehehe..

Resting after trying the new Wah-Wah pedal, i went out for a while to watch th prime news at TV3. Again, they were highlighting the sudden flood in the Shah Alam area.

I think y'all can still remember that last year, there was a case on the opening of the forest around the Taman Pertanian Cahaya or previously known as Taman Bukit Cerakah? It has banished the whole forest around it, as they are developing more and more houses in that area. Just to cause more and more traffic jams.

Not to mention the logging activities in the Ulu Langat area, no matter legal or illegal. The government has never admitted their fault even though it's clear that all the logging activities, either legal or illegal, is still under their responbibilities.

Who's not doing their work now? Bukit Cerakah is in the middle of Shah Alam, does that too far for the people to take care of the damage done? The government didn't want to be blamed for what had happened, and as usual, the Forestry Department was the scapegoat, even though the authority to approve the logging areas to be logged is within the power of Dewan Undangan Negeri. It has got nothing to do with the Forestry Department. Even though they said, the Forest Department has done the homework and prepared everything, including the damage study, would they care if the Forest Department say no?

They will simply override and proceed.

And now, the flood. I used to stay there for quite sometimes, yeah I admit, that area is always been flooding everytime the rain was heavy but, it has never been flooding in such a way that it caused a lot of damages to the folks. Silly. They made a reason of the rain was outrageously a lot more than usual. Is it?

Opps, they did it again!

They denied that the government has to be responsible for all that. They offered a discount of half year Door-Tax to all that area's resident to help them to overcome the damage cost. They even said, the budget of around RM10mil has been approved to upgrade the river and to raise the bane wall to avoid the flood, just a few days before the flood happens.

Sounds fishy. Well, i'm going to see how true is this. The flood episode would never end unless they really do something about it. In my mind, the only thing that caused the flood was the logging activities that is beyond control that happened all around Selangor.

But I am really disappointed that the government said they shouldn't be blamed for what had happened. Then, what was the cause of the flood?

Is it because of the people throw rubbish into drains and rivers? I think that has been done years before but why the big flood comes only at this time?

Or is it because there's a lot of unmarried young mothers throwing their infants away to the drains and rivers as well? They must have been really productive this year then!

Or, is the Selangor people masturbated so much, that their semen has clogged all the drains and rivers? That's a new record! The testosterone level of Selangorian Male must have increased by at least 500%!

Or maybe for some stupid reason, they've thrown away all the wah-wah pedal stocks that were unable to be sold. Hahaha..

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